Before selecting an android app development company to develop your mobile app, it is crucial for you to gain knowledge about the key aspects that surround your mobile app. These characteristics can include objectives of your business, proposed budget and timeline. The most effective way to share information about your project is to draft an app Request for Proposal (RFP). Creating an in-depth RFP will assist you and your team in evaluating vendor replies and select the best partner to work on your project.

There are many organizations who submit an incomplete RFP to vendors. Eventually, these organizations run the risk of receiving low bids from vendors, but as an additional task that wasn’t covered in the RFP rises, the cost gets increased. Even for such RFP, some vendors do not wish to bid at all.

Here comes the role of design and discovery session. These sessions facilitate the organization to learn about their market and current business as well as give a clear idea of plan and concept for their product. Collecting the information offered during a Design and Discovery will lead to a detailed RFP that eventually lead to a higher chance of your organization finding the best suited vendor for your project.

Why do you need a Mobile App RFP?
An RFP helps organizations to communicate the requirements to the vendor and if vendors did not understand the requirements of your product, they wouldn’t be able to meet your expectations. Hence, it is very important to communicate you need precisely, so your mobile app development partner can interpret your goals and meet your expectations.
To draft the best possible request for proposal, you require having a detailed understanding of your product, what you are trying to accomplish within a given timeline, and budget. Without proper information, writing an RFP can create problems in the later stages of app development.

What Needs to be Included in RFP?
An effective RFP should have at the very least a summary, project scope, an overview of the company, budget and timeline. These are important aspects, yet many organizations omit these because of lack of understanding of these details.
What will You Get from Design and Discovery?
The Design and Discovery sections assist you and your stakeholders to set the goals for your project and understand the outcome of the business. At Panacea, we have a team of android and iOS app developers to tackle four major areas of product development: product definition, strategy, visualization, and presentation. We provide a detailed five-day discovery process that offers the information required to create a transparent and accurate mobile app RFP. Participating in a Design and Discovery gives you a chance to talk to development experts and ask questions to clarify your RFP. During the process of design and discovery, you can get a full understanding of the services you require.

How to Utilize Design and Discovery to Draft an RFP?
Once you have collected all the information required, it is important to convert those details into an effective RFP. A maximum portion of the RFO focuses on your business that will give insights about your organizations, objectives related to the product and where you stand in that specific market. As the detailed market research is occurring during a Design and Discovery processes in your business and your competitors, you will get the detailed information to offer a company overview that will allow vendors to tailor the app to your business and market respectively. The market research also enables you to make some crucial decisions like selecting a platform to develop your app on. Platform selection has a direct impact on other elements, including timeline and budget.
A mobile app Request for Proposal (RFP) plays an important role in defining your project and choosing the right company to develop your iOS or Android mobile application. Don’t let your mobile app requirement incomplete on assumptions; get in touch with us today to know more about Design and Discovery process and how this will be helpful for you to draft an amazing RFP.

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