Hiring commercial painters is at variance than hiring normal residential painters. To complete a commercial painting project, the service provider company has to work as a team. They have to see the commercial painting process as a project which needs training and skill for completing it successfully. Commercial painting job needs supervision and maintenance.

Before you start hiring commercial painting service, you need to contact a reputed service that can provide you with facilities needed for a painting job in a commercial area.

Here is everything you need to know about commercial painting and how to consider certain factors before you start working on it:

First of all, check the company's testimonials:

Research through the company’s website; ask them details about their insurance scheme coverage, minimum liability coverage, and license. Complete all the paper works in advance. Set up a few meeting before they start the painting job. To check the company's authenticity, confirm their licensing details and registration. Ask them about their years of experiences in the commercial painting market.

Ask them how they screen their painting workers:

All the reputed commercial painting services in Perth screen their workers by checking their background. As you are considering them for a painting job, you have to trust them with your property. It is better to ask them about the screening techniques before you hire a service.


Who wants extra burden when you have already loads to tackle? You should hire a team of painters who are efficient as well possess safety management to their workers. As painting work in commercial blinding includes working in heights, ladders climbing, risk of eye injury and also exposure to molds and bacteria, you should always be careful about them. You must provide a proper safety scheme for their workers.

Consider the price negotiation:

Commercial painting service in Perth comes under negotiation with the clients. First of all, call them in your building for inspection and ask them about the pricing. They can give you an estimation. Try to negotiate with the painting service.

Colour consultation:

Before the painting service starts their work, they will ask you about colourpreferences from you. They will provide you with details of colour shades and the exact textures. In a high-quality painting service, there is painting consultant, who can tell you about industrial colours their application and suitability with the theme of your commercial purposes.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you want to a proficient service, you must consider proper planning and scheduling. You can have a thorough discussion with the team and the supervisor of the project. Prepare a checklist which includes a list from cleaning, dusting to painting work. Anefficient painting service would never jump to work without a proper plan.

Summing up:

Now that you know, what the essentials for consideration in painting job are, you can step your foot further and start the work. As you know starting painting commercial place may need a long time, be patient and follow gradual steps by consulting with the service.

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The author has competency in writing about painting work and its necessity in a commercial building. The author has a startup business for commercial painting in Perth.