Poise for the Runway of Your Life: This is the introduction of my new book.

The Universal Mind is the Creative Principle of the Universe

Namaste, my dear ones — the God in me beholds the God in you, this brand new day! Eastern and Western yogis use the greeting “Namaste” as they bow to each other in respect. Nama means, “to bow.” The literal meaning of the word translates to “I bow to you.”"This book clearly gives you the motivation and inspiration to tap into the power of God by activating the spiritual principles that guarantee success. It is truly a masterpiece"
Dr. Joyce Rennolds, 'Motivator of One or A Thousand",author of The Energy Connection.

The word poise, as used in this book, is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “A state of being balanced in a stable equilibrium.” Liken it unto ballet dancers who are able to balance on their toes! When we achieve and maintain balance in our lives, this empowers us to make the judgments and decisions required for us to achieve our desires. We must be balanced within ourselves enough to make these changes and decisions with power, authority, and a sound mind without becoming distracted. At YourDictionary.com, the word poise is defined as: “ease and dignity of manner; self-assurance; composure,” and composure is defined as: “calmness of mind or manner; tranquility; self-possession.” (http://www.yourdictionary.com)

The word runway has multiple meanings but is most commonly used when referring to the catwalk used in fashion shows and the runways located at airports. The majority of references in this book for runway are used in the context of “a platform along which models walk in a fashion show,” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) likening it unto the runway or the road we walk down as we act out our lives, unless otherwise noted.

Many models have been seen on television shows such as “America’s Top Model” or “She’s Got the Look,” and others. Have you noticed their actions, posture, and attitude as they perform? They stand upright in appearance in an acceptable form for their presentations with admirable posturing and the flow of movement. Their shoulders must be held high, not hunched over, as they present their visual art. Regardless of the profession we choose, we must also maintain positive actions, posture, and attitude as we pursue our goals.

Ms. Carol,
You are an inspiration to my life. “Poise for the Runway of Your Life”, has to be your greatest work ever. Never in a million years did I know that I could speak positively into my own life. I now know that I am worthy of Gods love as well as a lifetime Godly Companionship. After giving my heart and soul first to my Lord and Savior, I can truly feel the Powerful/Spiritual transformation that has taken over my life. Never again will I allow any negative thoughts, people or situation take control of my life. GOD IS EVERYTING! May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors. Thank you for all that you do. Be Blessed!
Angell Davis
Sabbath Day Church of God in Christ

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds:
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. II Corinthians 10: 4-5

At some point in our lives, each of us is a model (many times unconsciously) to someone who is on their personal runway, their life’s journey As they observe how we handle a personal transition or crisis, they may model their future behaviors based on what they have seen work for us. Who have you watched while you were going through a personal transition or crisis? Were they aware you were modeling them as you observed their actions?

Emmet Fox, acclaimed author and metaphysical teacher taught: “The Laws of Thought are the Laws of Destiny. Whatever you believe with feeling, that you bring into your life.” (“Find and Use Your Inner Power,” Preface, p. xiii) This was the basis of his teachings.

For over thirty years, it was my burning desire to become a model. In middle school I would spend hours dreaming of having a professional modeling career – how magical! When I became spiritually awakened from my dream state (after being asleep for many years), I was able to remember what my destined place was – to perform the art of professional modeling. So, at age forty-nine, I decided to recreate myself. I shared my plans to live in Atlanta, Georgia with others on my path, holding this concept in a balanced thought within my soul. At age fifty-one, I realized my childhood dream when I became an Elite Lifestyle Model in Atlanta.

The only way I was able to persevere while working towards my goal of becoming a Lifestyle Model was through unrelenting faith in God and believing in myself. I had to mentally poise myself – reposition myself on the runway of my life, the stage (or platform) I was acting upon. This included having to relocate to Atlanta. As I started my new transition, I had to be willing to leave my comfort zone in Nashville, Tennessee. Was I up for this challenge? After all, I was no longer in middle school. Even though I knew the Holy Spirit was with me, there were times I questioned whether I would be able to poise myself to make this demonstration alone. My lesson learned was I had to maintain the confidence, the dignity, the hope, and the passion for my deepest desires. In addition, to create all of my desires while on the runway of this life, I had to have the faith that they would become my reality, deeply imbedded within my soul.

My prayer for you is that you search for your inner truth while on your path. You can create your desires. Keep your intent pure and intact to help you maintain your poise. This will help you to posture yourself to achieve your life's destiny. The Bible tells you that all the positioning power you need to tap into is here right now, within your soul, if you will, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.” If you are obedient to this teaching given to us by Christ Jesus, our Master, “All these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33, KJV) Also added unto you are the gifts of the Spirit: wisdom, knowledge, directions, guidance, increased faith, and a strong spiritual foundation based upon a firm belief in God, your Higher Power. These are the fruits of the Spirit you receive as you make this joyful connection. There will be a deepening peace within your soul, letting you know you are on the right runway, headed in the right direction. As you receive a confirmation from Spirit, you may be nudged to do something else, but continue in faith and with trust. Know you are traveling on the right path under the guiding factor of your God Almighty.

Every desire starts within your soul as a thought. It is then radiated from the inside out through words and action. Balanced thoughts, words, and action create the power and movement within the universe for your desires to manifest into your reality. For instance, if you are ready to make a move toward attaining your desires and you allow doubt, fear, or worry to distract you, you will lose your power. This is a result of allowing your thinking to sidetrack you, which ultimately throws you off balance and off-track. Hold what you desire to create for yourself in your mind’s eye and within your soul. This is balance. Maintain the repose, the “freedom from worry; peace of mind.” (American Heritage Dictionary) This is one of the keys for creating your desires and having them become a part of your reality. You inherently possess the authority to make all the important decisions that determine your position on the runway of your life.

Here is another thought on runways: An airplane lands on one runway and then taxis onto another. It is cleaned up, refueled, and reloaded with passengers, only to take off again from a different runway for a new destination. The key is this: the airplane is able to take off again only after careful preparation. We also need to stop, rest, remove any clutter getting in our way, gather information, transition, create new thoughts, recharge, and refocus. After careful preparation, we are ready to take off on a new runway to reach our destination! Note that the plane sitting on the runway on the cover of this book is getting ready to take off.

It is of utmost importance to examine your motives, intentions, and choices in all situations of life. Doing periodic life reviews and reconfirming your convictions will support the achievement of your desires. It will help you to maintain your focus along the way. Assessing where you have been and where you are going will help you to make good decisions. It will ensure the manifestation of goodness in your life. Ask yourself these questions:

How have I expressed poise within myself on my runway of life?

Am I happy with how this looks for me in my life?

Am I maintaining my dignity, self-respect, and confidence?

Am I keeping myself God centered versus self-centered?

Is my head positioned up or down?

Do I smile or frown while I am on my runway?

Is my attention focused?

When going through a valley experience (a dark night, a deep sadness) of what you have perceived as a mishap in your life – a failure, transition, family crisis, or a loss – how was your posture? How was your speech when talking with others? Were you able to continue to self-talk about your life’s journey? Remember your thought patterns. Think about the lessons learned when living out your experiences on your life’s runway. The purpose of this guidebook is to support, instruct, empower, and inspire you as you rise onto the next plane of your life’s runway.

You are the writer, creator, casting director, actor, model, and producer of your life, which is being played out for all to see! The Holy Spirit is the Guiding Force of my life. God is the main Director and I am the actor!

“Every wall is a door. Lights, action, and camera! Let the newness begin!”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

God guides my life and I am the co-creator. My life is played out through my thoughts, words, and actions. Actress Helen Hayes had a New York City Theater named after her. In 1955 she stated:

“An actress’s life is so transitory – suddenly you’re a building.”

- Helen Hayes (1900-1993)

It has been awhile since I completed my destined journey on my new runway from Nashville, Tennessee. It took me to the small country town of Carrollton, Georgia just outside of Atlanta, where I moved to in 2007. On my first trip to Atlanta to meet with the Elite Modeling Agency, I remembered an old sage telling me, “You will not be happy until you are living in Atlanta and working in the performing arts!” At age nineteen, it did not make much sense to me. However, modeling was not considered a performing art then like it is today. Little did I realize I would be signing a modeling contract during a much later season of my life!

Once I said, “Yes!” to the Holy Spirit, the Guide of my life, I made preparation for my journey to Atlanta by selling every large item I had in my apartment in Nashville, Tennessee. After making the decision to accept the modeling contract offered to me by Elite Modeling Agency, God put His Universe into action, provided the movement needed for each step along the way, and supplied all my physical and emotional needs. After doing research for a new church home, I found the Center for Spiritual Living within a reasonable distance from my new home. It was time for Carol to pursue her childhood dream!

Once I had consulted the Holy Spirit about my decision to move, it was time to figure out where I was going to live. I remembered my cousin in California still owned a house in Carrollton, Georgia where his son had lived while he was attending college. I called my cousin and his wife to see if they had a room in the house that would be available for me to rent. When I drove up to their house (located in a very well manicured area), the grass was up to my knees. My cousins were in the process of evicting the students living in the house, who had not paid their rent for months. They were still in the house when I arrived. Unbeknownst to my cousins, the students had done a great deal of destruction to the two year old home. A car had been driven through the garage door. I was in shock. An overwhelming sadness and desperation came over me as I entered the house to find large holes in the walls of every room, trash scattered all over the floors, and hundreds of liquor bottles laying around everywhere. I was tempted to walk away from the mess. I could certainly justify in my mind and heart that anyone else would have turned his or her back on it. I was angered at these students for blatantly destroying my cousins’ house with a total lack of respect for the property of others As I sat in my car, I had to make the choice of whether I was going to turn around and drive back to Nashville where I knew I would be comfortable and safe, or reclaim my cousins’ home for them. However, as I sat there in my car, I was moved by the Holy Spirit and made a conscious choice to stay, start the cleanup, and put their house back together for them. The decision I made to stay saved my cousins the expense of having to make a trip from California to Georgia. In a very short time, I completed the work and the home was restored to its original condition. My cousins paid for all the needed repairs. Out of gratitude for restoring the house to its original condition and the money saved in travel expenses and contract labor, they offered to let me live in the house rent-free for a year. The students broke into the home several times while I was living there and in still in the cleanup process, so, we had a security system installed and I had a safe place to live!

With the home restored, it was now time to create my career path and continue my personal journey in life. There is a time and a season for all things to come to pass in our lives. As each season unfolds, we must act upon it. This particular season of my life (stage, runway) was very different for me, as it was very quiet living in the country. I was able to contemplate, pray, read, write, and create without distractions of any kind. This time for me was a renewal of my soul, one of higher spiritual development. The Bible instructs, “Be still, and know that I Am God.” (Psalms 46:10, KJV) This means you must quiet yourself, listen to the still small voice within you, trust in God (knowing He is all and all), and then step forward into your season with a plan of action!

When you decide to move forward to claim your desires, the decisions you make to claim them will be questioned. Many questioned how I could leave my adult children in Nashville to pursue my dreams. A few people questioned my chances for survival in Georgia. Did I make the right choices? Yes, because they were my choices and I followed the still, small voice residing within me. We are spiritual beings living a human life. We inherently possess inner guidance (intuition), which is given to us by our Creator. When I tapped into it, I said, “Yes!” My Creator did the rest. While on this new runway, many wishing me well called me to say they were praying for me, or sent gifts – including money! Really, all God expects from us is to express our desires and to give back by supporting each other, holding a place within us to believe in the desires of others, and to pray for them while they are traveling on the runways of their life's journey.

This has been a walk in faith and trust for me. It has been an unforgettable experience in my spiritual development. I now share my experiences with you to support you in your spiritual quest for growth. As a result, this guidebook contains quotes from religious philosophers from the ages of time who have given their insights on enhancing our spiritual maturity and walk. These spiritually mature philosophers and mystics have helped me on this journey. I now share their works with you.

The Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary defines the word faith as “confidence in a statement or thing as trustworthy; belief in God, in scriptures, or other religious writings.” In the Bible, it tells us that faith without action is dead when it says, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” (James 2:17, KJV) When I made a conscious choice to integrate the two, I discovered that “faith and action equals demonstration.” Then I stepped into my destiny. If you are reading this guidebook, it is now your season to awaken from the dream state blinding you from the achievement of your desires, and claim them as your reality.

Looking back, I never imagined I would be writing yet another book. Even though I had a dream of writing in my cousin’s house before I got there, I did not plan it. I just did what felt good to me daily in faith and allowed it to unfold. This became a part of my spiritual practice and tools for communion with God. A couple months later, after living in Carrollton, I dreamt I was holding a thick white and gold book at a book signing. One year later, I dreamt about holding another book that I had written.

I ask you to stop here and contemplate on the new poise you desire for the runway of your life. Use your imagination and play with your dreams! What is your passion? What is stopping you or getting in the way of your inner growth? To achieve your desires, you must acknowledge your fears. This will help you to move through them with faith and a deeper trust in God.

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven, and tossed by the wind.”

- James 1:5-6, NKJV

Interpreting this quote from the Bible, James is telling us to believe that God freely gives wisdom to all who ask, without judgment or rebuke. The law of God promises us this. However, you must ask for wisdom in faith without doubt, fears, or questioning. A lack of faith will not deliver wisdom but will cause chaos in your life.

Examine your answers in a spiritual practice. Use the tools of entering into the Silence, prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation, and yoga to ask and determine what is needed for you to move onto the next stage of your runway. Examine and consider these spiritual practice tools and their benefits:

1) Silence: Going within oneself to connect with the internal facts without any sounds.

2) Meditation: Quieting the mind and body. It is an antidote to stress. It also fosters peace of mind, improves relaxation and sleep, and lowers blood pressure. It is a time to reflect, ponder deeper, or not to think about anything. One may use silent repetitions of affirmative prayers.

3) Quiet contemplation: Stillness, undisturbed rest, tapping into your inner awareness with Spirit’s help.

4) Yoga: A disciplined exercise used by Easterners and Westerners to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illuminations. Yoga promotes becoming in tune with your inner self.

I practice Kabbalah yoga. Kabbalah means, “that which is received.” The mind becomes sharpened and one learns how to adjust the mind and body to eliminate distractions, which will transform challenges and obstacles. Kabbalah yoga helps me to have gratitude for all things in my world and guides me in my spiritual journey. It allows one to create a new flexible physical body.

According to the “Law of Attraction,” within the Silence is where manifesting starts its work. Basically, the “Law of Attraction” translates into “like attracts like.” For example, I may say to myself that I would like to see my sister, Tina. When I embrace my feelings about seeing her, she may call me or I may go just visit her. Has anything similar happened to you?

Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of the Unity Movement, perceived that we all have access to spiritual support by calling up the Twelve Powers, or the twelve inner disciples inside each of us. Many New Thought churches teach these principles. In “The Twelve Powers of Man,” Fillmore identifies the Twelve Powers as: Faith, Love, Strength, Wisdom, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Elimination, and Life. (http://www.sheaministries.org/powers/index.htm)

You can call on these inner powers at any time. With Faith symbolized by deep blue in the center of your brain, Love radiating in pink from your heart center, and Wisdom in yellow rays from the intuitive core of your solar plexus, you have all you need to develop your inner poise to step into your destiny. Use your mind and heart to think and feel your Imagination to activate your Faith. Put your Will in motion and gain Understanding to achieve your desired manifestations.

How poised are you? Do you seek directions from a higher source than yourself? Go within your soul. With your mind’s eye, use your inner powers, calling especially on Faith. Seek, knock, and ask. You shall find this unlocks the answers residing within you! The key is within your soul. Can you use it? I give you this guidebook for unlocking your Divine missions.

Just tap into it, the Universal Mind is waiting for you!


Carol S. Batey, Spiritual Lifestyle Coach

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Carol Batey, Spiiritual Lifestyle Coach and Author helps other dream their dreams. www.artlifestylecoach.com