Did you know that Polar invented the first EKG accurate wireless heart rate monitor back in 1977? Well, they did! It was made to help the Finnish National Cross Country Ski team improve their performance.

During the 80s, ‘intensity training’ was all the buzzword. Go fast - go hard! And that intensity everyone was generating was monitored by Polar.

And the 90s brought in not only those performance training focused individuals but also folks who desired every day fitness goals as well. They desired a heart rate monitor to track their effort so as to get the most out of their exercise plan.

Today, Polar makes heart rate monitors for world-class athletes and regular people just trying to lose a few pounds. It’s this vast experience that attracts coaches, trainers and everyday individuals around the world to look to Polar for their heart monitoring needs. Polar has earned the name of making the best instruments; they also further the cause in educating on the benefits of heart rate based training.

The folks at Polar know that listening to your body is one thing, but being knowledgeable regarding what it's telling you is a whole ‘nother story altogether. To help you, Polar has acquired considerable expert knowledge in sports, physiology and electronics. They put it all together in specially designed models for your specific level of fitness.

Due to their proven track record in the hear rate monitoring field, many athletes, and yearn-to-be athletes choose to Polar for their monitors. Excellent choice!

Here is one of the most popular and best selling Polar heart rate monitors. Maybe this model will help in your fitness quest.

Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FS1 heart rate monitor is made to easily and accurately measure your heart rate. It's what you need if you’re wanting assistance in getting just the right intensity during your workout.

The FS1 is a basic unit that also is equipped with a stopwatch, the time-of-day with larger than normal numbers for easy viewing. To keep things simple, this model provides an audible and visual alarm notifying you when your target heart rate zone has been achieved. All with the push of just one easy button.

On the display is an EKG accurate heart rate (in beats per minute). It also assists you in maintaining proper intensity to stay in the manual target zone.

This Polar HRM also keeps track of your total exercise time plus the average heart rate during the workout session. If water's your thing (or get caught out in gully washer), the Polar FS1 is water resistant down to 50 meters.

The heart rate sensors equipped on exercise equipment like elliptical machines, are hardly accurate or reliable. They're not contributing much if you're genuinely trying to maximize your workout session.

If you’re simply looking for a HRM watch and don’t want or need a lot of extra functions, the FS1 is the right choice for you. It doesn't get any easier -- only one button. Plus with the extra large readout, it’s easy to monitor your progress. Could it get any simpler?

Heart rate monitors by Polar are a great pick regardless if you’re an experienced, world class athlete or just someone who wants and deserves to maximize each minute invested in working out. Voted number one by coaches and trainers around the globe, Polar heart rate monitors are the ones they trust.

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Leading the pack in heart-based training is Polar heart rate monitors. Find out more about Polar and also the wrist heart rate monitor to maximize your training performance.