Pole dance moves list; While reading the articles and pole dancing class descriptions, it may sound like this is something similar to what happens in strip clubs, but actually there are several key differences. Beginner pole dancing; First, there are no men in the classes. In fact, in most studios, there are no men allowed in the studio. This difference means that in pole dance studios women focus on discovering their own needs and fantasies rather than trying to discharge men's. This type of discovery can open up more comfortably in an environment where women do not feel pressured to be desirable for someone else and do not feel scarce for putting their sexuality on full display. Women of all different shapes, ages and sizes participate in pole dance classes. Amazingly enough, as these women learn to move in a sensual way that feels good to them, they look and feel more beautiful. Women who pole dance become more confident and comfortable with their sexuality.

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Despite these benefits, pole dancing remains stigmatized, and a woman's decision to pole dance tends to raise eyebrows... and questions. For example, how does weakness or embodying the female in the interest of exploring sexuality benefit women? Is taking pleasure in being looked at, or being the object of a gaze, bad or empowering? How and why should we give women space to explore their individual experience of sexual desire? Our culture gives women mixed messages about their sexuality and pole dancing can be a healthy way for them to work through these messages individually.

On the other hand women are given a great deal of diagram imagery from the media on how they should dress and behave - usually for someone else. Television, print, and the Internet all tell women what their bodies should look like. Women learn that sexiness is about looking good and subscribing to a very fine cultural definition of beautiful: thin, long-legged, and busty. However, if they take this direction to the extreme, our culture also perceives them as weak and as obedient to a patriarchal value system.

I work hard to own my sexuality and believe it is mine to share (or not share) with whomever I please. Women like me are often considered loose or whores. My lack of modesty, and the pleasure I take in being a physical woman, gets misinterpreted as a lack of self-respect or worse yet, a lack of respect for others. Americans have given women very little space to discover and set free their sexuality without fear of being judged. And this is quite planned. Female sexuality is the seat of every woman's power. And it resides in her body.

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