Pole dancing tricks for beginners; Pole dancing has evolved over the last decade, becoming a popular exercises and an organized gymnastic competition. Easy pole dancing tricks; There are people that think poling is challenging; that it's only related with stripping and gives a sexual implication. But, what people need to see is that pole dancing could be considered a sport.

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There are many pole dance studios around the world, making the sport not only national, but international as well. Many students of the dance studio admit that pole dancing is a great way to exercise, get fit and it also inspires and empowers them. There are many reasons why pole dancing should be recognized as a sport and maybe one day become an Olympic sport.

Wouldn't it be amazing if a pole fitness athlete wins an Olympic medal? Before pole dancing could be considered a sport it must be administered by an international federation which ensures that the sport's activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practiced all around the world and meets a certain amount of criteria established of the IOC's, and eventually plan an official petition for thought by the international Olympic committee. The International Sports Federations are international non-governmental organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as administering one or more sports at world level. The national federations administering those sports are connected to them. While conserving their independence and freedom in the administration of their sports, International Sports Federations seeking IOC recognition must ensure that their statutes, practice and activities match to the Olympic Charter.

Poling is an original and cool way of working out. It depends on major upper body strength, flexibility, and body stamina. Pole dancing is not your typical gym exercise. It lacks the need of heavy equipment. The only weight it requires is your own body's group. This sport can be geared towards toning muscles, and program can make women feel athletic yet artistic and confident at the same time. Pole fitness is for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Women have been looking for a change in their exercise routines and pole dance provides that change. The sport develops self-confidence and healthy bodies all over the world.

Timothy Trauma, President of the International Pole Sports Federation was recently interviewed with "Buzz feed" he said that he would love for pole fitness to be in the 2016 Olympics. Tim goes on to say, "having pole dancing in the Olympic Games is the only way for people to realize that pole dancers are incredible athletes: "They have such grace and stylishness and they absolutely belong in the Olympics. But we do fight the stereotype that it's for strippers." "We have to take some of the eroticism out of the moves and also take off the high heels." "We're going to frame it as these are athletes that you're watching", Trauma says. (Stewart/ Trauma, It's Going to Be a While before Pole Dancing Is in the Olympics)

There were a total of 12 new events that debuted at 2014 Sochi Olympics. The ski half pipe (men's and women's), ski slope style (men's and women's), snowboard slope style (men's and women's), snowboard parallel slalom, women's ski jumping, biathlon mixed relay, a new figure skating team event and loge team relay. In hopes, with time pole dance will make it to a list of debuts. The Arnold Sports Festival 2014 is paving a way for pole fitness to be introduced to the world as alternative. For the first time, pole is going to be featured at a major event.

Like most of the events featured in the Sochi Olympics this year, pole dance competition administrators hold exacting requirements for its competitors that must be followed to participate. Based on the article Pole Dancers polish Image with Rules and a Dress Code, among the written policy there is no dancing in an openly erotic manner. No raise end shaking and no hats, canes and anything that is not considered attached to the costume. The federation's rules frowns upon anything that falls off a dancer. They command exclusion for intentionally removing items of clothing, ban costumes from being used in an erotic manner and require neckline of no lower than eighty (80) millimeters from clavicle notch. (Guayas, Pole Dancers, Buff Image with Rules and Dress Code).

We have to continue to spread awareness so that everyone will know that pole dancing should be an Olympic sport. Mostly because it is truly as difficult a sport as gymnastics or ice skating, pole dancers train hard and there are pole dance fitness communities fighting to make it to the Olympics. I strongly believe that good conduct within a pole team can also contribute to each pole dancer's personal growth, so why not encourage it? Pole is a lifestyle for many!

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