Pole dancing workout dvd for beginners; Choosing the Best Way to Get Started Learning How to Pole Dance
Pole dancing fitness videos; If you want to take up pole dancing, there are many ways to go about it. Since it has become a publicly accepted fitness exercise, gym classes, private studio lessons, and instructional DVDs have all popped up to help the enthusiast on her journey. But how do you know which method would be right for you? We're here to list the pros and cons of the various ways to learn how to pole dance so you can figure which best suits your needs.

Classes at the Gym

Many gyms, most famously Crunch gym, offer pole dance classes under their usual workout fare, right along with step aerobics and yoga. One pro of this method is that the cost of classes is usually included with your gym membership, so you don't have to worry about the extra expense. The gym also offers a built-in social environment, so if you are looking to make friends while working out, this is a good option.

The cons Gym classes tend to be more crowded than other options, and may not offer a private area to dance - you may end up dancing for the view of nearby male weight-lifters or treadmill runners. If you have a secret inner exhibitionist, this won't be a bother, but if you're a bit self-conscious or simply prefer a more private environment, the gym is not for you.

Studio Lessons

Pole dance studio classes have many advantages and are an appealing option for those looking to get started. For one, classes are likely to be smaller and the instructors have a tendency to be very experienced and passionate about the sport. It's a more close setting, and you're more likely to get individualized attention from the instructor.

Private classes can also offer a social environment, depending on the culture of the studio you go to - some are friendly, while others are more serious and students are solely focused on learning how to dance more than anything else.

The cons Private classes are liable to get expensive, and if you plan on practicing several times a week, your habit could seriously hurt your budget if you're not careful.

Pole Dancing At Home

Dancing at home is the most private and convenient option of them all. You don't have to bother traveling to class, and if you are more introverted or just don't want to be bothered by other women, you can stay at home and dance all for yourself. You also won't have to shell out for regular classes.

Cons, you’ would have to buy your own pole, which costs a decent amount of money (the same of 10-15 classes at a private studio) and you need the space to contain a pole with enough room for you to dance around it.

You also miss out on the benefit of having an instructor there to spot you, correct your mistakes, and provide tips that you wouldn't be able to get with DVD or online instruction. Keep in mind that if you plan to get serious, it would be wise to add-on your at-home dancing with some form of formal instruction.

Pole dancing can be a great activity for your overall fitness level as well as your femininity and sexiness. You can get a stronger, healthier body while learning how to effortlessly show magnetic sex appeal. Interested in learning more about how to get started pole dancing? Check out Beginner Pole Dancing for your one stop resource on all things pole dancing, created especially for the pole dance newbie.

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