The key to relating to others is first understanding yourself and your personality type. Which one of the 7 personality types are you? There are many combinations of facial and body types. They have been narrowed down to 7 basic personality categories that establish the backbone of your character. However there are variations of character traits within each type, some more dominant than others which is what uniquely defines your personality. Some people are combinations of several types and take on personality traits of each in varying degrees. To a great extent people who resemble each other have similar behavior patterns and temperaments. Determining which personality you are is based on the art of observation and comparison of your features to each of the 7 basic personality types to see which one most resembles your face and body characteristics. You can learn this technique and solve the personality/relationship puzzle.

By viewing you can observe the similarities of physical characteristics and
learn and how to utilize this guide so you can better determine your overall personality type and character traits of an other individuals.

Everyone has a “personal style”. Often we “hide” our natural character traits to succumb to social conformity. However, in the end our individual personality and innate character traits shine through. In order to enhance your self-esteem once you identify your personality type you must explore your inner core to reveal the personality traits which reveal your character. Your personality is as individual to you as a fingerprint. You can then discover your uniqueness. This innovative approach allows you to actively improve yourself as well as how to fortify and utilize your strengths in your relationships. Once you are aware of your personality type you will have the tools that will help you re frame what you know about yourself. You can then emphasize your assets and neutralize your negatives,allowing you to grow through achieving a new level of confidence.

Many people in society wear “protective blinders” as they navigate the world around them. They are unable to see, or simply ignore and do not probe the framework of their innate personality. Yet, we all long for approval and want to avoid conflict,we want to get along with others, have a better relationship with our spouse and friends and manage our business life harmoniously. Not knowing ourselves and how we appear to others is why by we all persist in behaviors that are repetitive, non-productive and habitual without knowing the “why” of our actions that result in our veering off of our path to success in our personal and business life. We all have the gift and benefit of a complex mind capable of analysis and decision making, but is of great value to have a "blueprint" of who we really are and the best paths to follow. to achieve our goals. We all follow a different course in life, but within ourselves we have every ingredient of happiness. We just have to learn to recognize it and apply the formula that works best for us.

It is important to know who you are, what personality type you best fit, so you can determine how to take advantage of the character traits you were endowed with at birth. The base of our character is dictated by our DNA at birth. It is up to you to develop that character to the best advantage to assist you in your life journey and achieving your goals. Once you gain that knowledge you can strive to improve upon your weaknesses and polish your attributes so you can control your destiny.

The system of identifying personalities allows you to achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and others. You can learn which personality you fit within the 7 Personality Types. Are you a Saturnian, analytical, cautious, prudent with sober qualities? (You are likely tall and slender and have deep set eyes). An ambitious Jupiterian and natural leader (medium build with large eyes and confident stance)or a creative Lunarian (medium to tall frame, not muscular with light blue eyes and round face). Would your personality be that of a focused Martian, courageous, ready to do battle to uphold your principles(erect posture, square build and small sharply focused eyes). Or are you an Apollo with good fortune on your side possessing a magnetic personality (you would be tall, fair and have a gracefully shaped body)You might be a Mercurian that is clever and financially astute, yet manipulative (Mercurians are small in stature and compactly built with eyes that tilt upwards at the corner) or a Venusian with a joyous, generous and balanced personality (Your features are symmetrical, among the most naturally attractive with large round almond shaped eyes that are expressive).

The Personality Predictors website provides an overview of the 7 basic personalities which are determined by the combination of facial and body characteristics utilizing the ancient system of Physiognomy (fizzy-OG-nuh-me),a traditional character analysis method used by Lombroso, St. Germaine, Benheim,Lavatar and many Doctors and Philosophers through the ages. This system has been refined to adapt to modern society. Physiognomy is the method of interpreting the face and body features observed in combination, to determine personality types that best reflect an individual’s personality traits. It has been practiced for thousands of years by all ancient civilizations. Knowing yourself, knowing others, utilizing this power of observation provides an advantage in your encounters and relationships with others. It is a system that anyone with patience and observation can learn by applying the simple techniques on the website which will guide you in identifying personality types You can also request a personal analysis or ask me a question.

Everyone will benefit from this knowledge: Sales Professionals, Realtors, attorneys, customer service pros and psychologists. Almost anyone in business can effectively analyze their clients and know in advance how to conduct their presentations. They can become skillful in overcoming objections (based on observing their client's personality type)and win negotiations. Imagine how great it is to know in advance which approach will gain the most positive response from your clients and customers and how to best communicate to them. This insight will help you to interact with your friends and identify difficult people so you are capable interfacing with them tactfully and circumvent confrontation.

You can easily identify what profession or academic pursuit would be most compatible with your personality. It will help you select the best career. You will be able to determine your children’s personality and character traits once you understand their intrinsic make-up providing you with the ability to guide and encourage them to use their skills and overcoming their weaknesses. Remember, people feel more important and relate to you if you seem to understand their point of view and when you are able to draw people out which gives you an incredible edge in dealing with the public.

Character analysis can empower you. It is more accurate than Astrology or other methods of determining who you are as it is personal to each individual. Knowing and learning this system of character analysis is very effective in determining the personality of anyone you encounter at work, home or your daily life. Most of us utilize this system instinctively without realizing it. Determining personality types is a tool that requires learned observation. You can become proficient at learning to read character traits using the system of 7 explained on the website to guide you in discovering your personality type.

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Marcia Cammarata is recognized as a business professional with 25 years of experience who defines a generation of women who "came of age" in the l960's and navigated several careers successfully in leadership roles. She has held executive positions with the Bulovic Art Company, Marshall Field, Gannett, Playboy Corporation/Advertising, and and with Sotheby's Int'l as Executive Relation Specialist. Marcia's website has recently been launched and encapsulates the many years of research and knowledge obtained by her apprenticeship with Milan Bulovic, the respected expert Physiognomist, who adapted the principles of this observational art of to modern society. Marcia Cammarata has lectured and taught this method to business colleagues,realtors, corporate trainers and conducted seminars on the technique over the last l0 years. She is presently authoring a book on the System of 7.