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At Blue Frog Pool Care, we have provided reliable pool cleaning service, weekly pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and expert pool repairs South Florida and Treasure Coast. Through many years of solid swimming pool experience, it is ready to go to work for you. We know what it takes to service and maintain South Florida swimming pools.

You can count on our highly recommended service and repair technicians. They are fast, courteous, and professional. Blue Frog Pool Care has the knowledge, experience, and staff to handle all your pool services, pool repairs, and pool maintenance needs.

Proper chlorination of the pool provides a safe environment! Did you know you can get strep throat from your swimming pool or spa if the water is not properly cared for? Bacteria that can cause a skin rash, strep throat, and even herpes can be found in a pool that has not been well maintained.

Algae are small plants fed with phosphates that can grow in your pool. Algae can be green, yellow, red, or brown. They are often covered with a sludge layer that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Your water's pH is important for controlling scale-forming minerals that coat the pool surface with calcium. Keeping your pH at a proper level is certainly one of the most important aspects of pool care. Proper pH levels prevent problems such as excessive scale building up on your tiles, walls, and steps.

Proper alkalinity balance is important for proper pool maintenance and directly relates to your pH levels. If your alkalinity is too low, your plaster may be stained and/or etched. Low alkalinity also corrodes the metals in your pumping equipment, greatly reducing its useful life.

Blue Frog Pool Care voted # 1 in Southern Florida, providing expert pool service and repairs. Contact us and then sigh a relief, knowing that your water is safe and sanitary.

After a storm, many pool owners see their swimming pool does not look right. It could be simply turning green or a large mess with storm debris. It will take some work to restore your pool to the previous state of being balanced, clean, and clear. So what are the best steps to get your Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach Swimming Pool Back to being safe to swim and look great?

The first step would be to remove all debris that may have been left behind by a storm or excess rain. This needs to be swimming the Pool with a Pool Skimmer. Also, you will want to vacuum the pool floor. If it’s overwhelming you can call Blue Frog pool Care of Stuart, Coral Springs and we will take care of the problem.

Secondly, you’ll need to clean the pool filter. If there’s been a large storm, there’s no telling what all could be in there. Most likely, it needs to be cleaned.

There are many specifics and a lot of legwork involved in this process. If you’d like to have more time to spend doing things other than pool maintenance, call Blue Frog Pool Care.

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So are you thinking about to cleaning your pool or repair vacuum cleaner? Blue Frog Pool Care is ready to help you.