Having a fence around the pool? Is that even eye-pleasing?

To keep a luxurious amenity in place for years, one needs to adopt some security measures as well. Fencing options can be a great help in this, but are they equally and aesthetically complimenting to the pool, as long as they are functional? A wide variety of fencing options is provided by Jumbuck Pool and Home Fencing in accordance with an individual's budget and preferences. Options like semi-frameless and frameless glass fencing Brisbane options are some to choose from.

Glass pool fencing

To make it look fabulous and to bring to a state of functionality, glass pool fence comes with professional installers who ensure proper installation of the fence around the pool. The final product comes out to be a combination of a robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing fence.

What are the varieties available?

The semi-frameless and frameless fencing options imply that they come with choices of the thickness of glasses to choose from, as per your preference. The two varieties of toughened glass vary as per their width, i.e., 10mm and 12mm. Aluminium panels placed between adjacent panels is the semi-frameless fencing and is done with 10mm glass. The latter is overlaid and kept in place with steel spigots and thus is called frameless fencing.

How is the need fulfilled?

The type of fence installation is done as per your property kerb design, aesthetics and the need. The fencing done is rust proof and long lasting to ensure the pool area does not need any work for a long time. As per one`s lifestyle requirements, there are options to choose from low maintenance to high maintenance fencing. The aluminium posts used in one of the fencing options is high grade, as per industry standard, to make sure it is stable.
Aluminium pool fencing

Apart from glass pool fencing, Aluminium fencing by Castle Hill product can also be one of the pool fencing varieties to go for. It is also a rust-resistant product, highly durable and easily withstands extreme weather conditions.

What kind of aluminium is used?

Aluminium of grade 6063 6T, which is proven to be the strongest, is used in the design of posts and gates for the fencing.

How is this beneficial?

The fencing is designed in accordance to the backyard pools where not only it is required for the fencing to be corrosion free and moisture resistant, but also it needs to process certain physical strength. Aluminium fencing in Brisbane is rightly made and installed for that particular purpose.

Specifications in aluminium fencing

Apart from the variety of colours available to appeal to everyone’s individual aesthetic choices and garden`s and pool`s design, customisation can also be done.
The rails to be used, measuring 35mm by 25mm, are welded at six different points having sixteen pickets, and they are fitted in with 1200mm high panels, combining luxury, style and unobstructed visibility. The height of panels is as per regulations mentioned in AS1926 2012.


Fencing options around your pool can be an excellent option for the family safety and to increase the beauty and functional life of your pool tremendously. Not only fencing options come in design variations like frameless and semi-frameless but also in different colours to suit the outdoor design and match the appeal of your home. All the fencing produced and designed is as per safety standards and regulations which ensure that they are weather resistant, rust free and serve the purpose without fail.

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