Many parents think of pools as a place to send their children to cool off and get them out of the house, never realizing the danger that could exist. Water-related injuries are a leading cause of death in children between the ages of 1 and 3 and remain a top danger area throughout their teenage years.

Despite these statistics, parents are often tempted to lose themselves to the sun and let their children fend for themselves at the pool. Instead of allowing disaster to strike, parents are urged to follow these four policies for water safety whether at home, the community center, a neighbor’s yard or a hotel.

Use Fencing Wisely

Proper fencing can eliminate many of the pool injuries and deaths that occur each year. Pool fencing should be at least four feet tall and should not have any ledges for children to climb. Moreover, parents should invest in a self-latching gate leading to the pool area. Companies like Standrite Australia Pty Ltd can help you asses your property and fencing options.

Teach Children Safety Rules

As soon as children can understand, they should be taught basic pool safety rules. They should only swim when an adult is present, should only jump or dive into water in designated areas and should learn proper floating techniques. Parents should also learn to stay near their children when they are swimming and to keep their eyes on them at all times.

Install Technological Gadgets

Numerous gadgets today make it easier than ever for parents to prevent pool drowning. For example, according to WebMD, parents can install alarms on their house doors that lead to the pool area. They could also consider water alarms that alert them if something or someone falls into the water.

Watch out for the Drain

While water may be the bigger danger, pool and hot tub drains can also pose dramatic problems. There have been numerous incidents of children getting sucked into drains and being unable to free themselves. Parents should ensure that children’s swimsuits fit snugly, that they are not wearing anything dangly and that they know never to sit or stand on a drain.

Parents should never take water play lightly. Numerous dangers lurk beneath the surface of water, waiting to hurt a child or destroy his or her life. Parents are urged to stay alert and vigilant during water play and to know where their children are at all times.

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