People ‘Down-Under’ love having granny flats in their backyard. It allows them some free space to enjoy their ‘lonetime’, or provide their elderly family members, a separate place to live the way they want.


As per reports, it is believed that the popularity of granny flats is continuously on the rise. And with good reasons too. Property owners use granny flats for a wide range of uses such as:


  • A personal den
  • As their pool house
  • For business space
  • As homestay for their old distance relatives
  • For rent
  • For installing gym facilities
  • For a yoga studio


And much more.


With so many uses and conveniences, it makes sense to have one in the backyard. And for those who plan to do so, then take a look at these few granny flat facades to implement in the build.


“Using Brick Veneer”


The external facade of a granny flat denotes the non-load bearing layer attached to a granny flat’s peripheral. Its purpose is to safeguard the flat from weather and water effects. Plus it also lends an aesthetic charm to the flat, thus contributing to boots up the overall property value too!


One good option for this is using brick veneer for the construction. It is a popular option involving low maintenance. It is thicker than other facades, non-toxic and impressively durable.


Brick veneer facades are excellent in fire resistance and comes in a wide range of colour and finishes. They can be easily recycled and look great.


“Using Vinyl Cladding”


In terms of budget facades for granny flats in Sydney, vinyl cladding is a cost-effective option around. This also comes in a wide range of profiles, colours and textures. Plus, it requires no or little maintenance.


Vinyl cladding facades come with CFC solid foam insulation, and that allows it to maintains a comfortable temperature inside. It is also very durable and minimises the outside noise from entering.


“Using Render”


Proper;y rendered granny flat facades come with excellent insulation and thermal performance. They offer excellent resistance to weather influence and ensures the inside temperature is nice and cozy to reside in. Furthermore, if one opts for it, they will have a vast range of colours to choose from.


“Using Weathertex”


Weathertex is made of 97% timber and 3% natural wax. There is no use of glue, silica or resins and proves to be an appropriate environmental -friendly facade option. Furthermore, this is coated with a non-toxic acrylic primer that is very quick and hassle-free to paint.


Ending Lines:


These are some popular granny flat facades that one can bring into their construction blueprint. To achieve the desired construction, take help from a licensed and experienced granny flat expert Blacktown to complete the project.


Having done a wide range of granny flat projects over the years, these experts are one’s best bet to accomplish the desired design. So, without delaying any further, contact a competent contractor today and discuss with them the project specifics.



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