The Hindu pantheon is an inseparable part of Vedic beliefs and mythology. There are a host of deites which form a part of the Hindu pantheon, and these often include Gods from divine epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

But probably the most celebrated deity in the Hindu pantheon is Lord Ganesha, also known as Lord Ganapati.

Every year, millions of devotees celebrate the Ganapati festival with full vigor and enthusiasm, both in India and at all places in the world. In essence, Lord Ganesha is the adorable elephant God whose origin dates back to millennia.

People have astounding faith in the deity and it is believed that no task reaches a positive conclusion unless it starts with the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganapati is also known as Vighnaharta, which means remover of obstacles.

There is deep symbolism associated with Lord Ganesha. The most characteristic feature of Lord Ganesha is his elephant head, a symbol of intellect, strength and auspiciousness.

The elephant, while being the strongest among animals is vegetarian, doesn't kill to eat. Lord Ganesha is a powerful deity who is forgiving and is swayed by the love of his devotees.

His large ears hear everything, but retain only what is good. Lord Ganesha is shown with a pot belly, which means that nature is bountiful. This is also meant to signify that by swallowing all sorrows in our existence, Ganesha protects the universe.

Another divine deity who is celebrated in every nook and corner of India is Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman, the close aide of Prabhu Ram is also his greatest devotee. He symbolizes celibacy, selfless service towards a greater cause and also might, strength, wisdom and humility.

A sacred text very often associated with Lord Hanuman is the Hanuman Chalisa, which is a prayer that comprises of forty verses accompanied by an opening and closing hymn. The prayer speaks of Lord Hanuman, his parentage, appearance, strength, qualities and most importantly, his unwavering devotion to Prabhu Ram.

Such is the strength of this prayer that by chanting it with devotion, one can attain the blessings of Lord Hanuman in all actions in life. This opens up the way to prosperity, protects a devotee from all fears in life.

With the Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent, one can always be within the scrutiny of Lord Hanuman and keep his form close to the heart. The Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent is created in a shining mix of alloys. It has an attractive profile of Lord Hanuman; it renders an unmistakable charm to the wearer.

But what makes the Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent distinctive is its devotional value.

This has within it the world's smallest Hanuman Chalisa, which is fully readable. The Hanuman Chalisa, etched on a crystal, is placed inside the pendent, and one can read this by using the lens given right above Hanumanji's Tilak.

One just needs to hold the pendent while facing the light and look into the lens, while adjusting the distance to get a better focus. Even if one does not intend to read the Hanuman Chalisa within, just by keeping the Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent with oneself, one is graced by the presence of Lord Hanuman.

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