Read this article to know in detail about the different and popular Magento extensions for the year 2020. Hire experts from the Magento development company for the best services in this field.  

Magento is one of the most popular frameworks for E-Commerce business and developmental activities. Being a feature-rich platform, Magento shows extensive functionality and flexibility so the businesses can gain from revenue-oriented results. It is open-source and integrated with multiple extensions and plugins by the Magento developer which also make it more preferable for people. These extensions expand the native functionality of Magento, therefore yielding unending profit for all.  

For the year 2020, there are many prominent Magento extensions which contribute effectively to usability as well as productivity. For the different E-Commerce platforms, it feels extremely premium. These extensions also enhance the website scalability, therefore giving a seamless user experience for all.  


Some of the well known Magento based extensions for the year 2020 are as follows -  


1. Shotgun Page Builder 

With the help of these extensions, one can make edits and adjustments visually for any page through a simple drag and drop editor. One can easily edit the previous pages while also launching beautiful custom landing pages without the requirement of a single line of code.  

The developers can build this from scratch or choose from the library of existing templates in order to get a quick jump start on the next project. Moreover, once a design has been settled upon, one can publish and even split test these new pages directly through its integration with Magento.   


2. Smart One Step Checkout

The procedure of the checkout in Magento often creates friction with the customers. After purchasing the products, the buyers face trouble in making payment due to which it leads to shopping cart abandonment. Even if the system functions smoothly, it is extremely time-consuming to fill out additional information, completing details and other multiple steps as it seems like a never-ending procedure. The Smart One Step Magento Extension is an extraordinary tool which customises the process for a streamlined checkout system, hence minimising the chances of abandonment. This extension gets the buyers into their cart with the need for very minimal information to complete the transaction process. The key is to make use of a lesser number of clicks.  


3. Magento 2 Live Chat by LandOfCoder 

This is a useful Magento based extension which helps in customer service. The customers who demand a more personalised shopping experience can benefit through this. Even those online retailers who take effort to provide this service consistently acquire a competitive edge over the others in the market. Data rivals that almost 80% of those websites who use live chat service have seen a notable increase in their sales and revenue besides expanding customer loyalty. In Fact almost 38% of the costumes are more likely to be bought from that store which offers a live support chat option.  

With the help of this tool, the owner can immediately address the queries of the buyers, in the form of a human chat alternative. Configuration of the live chat option is also available for usage along with an intuitive and understandable interface. This way, the buyers are not distracted from their shopping experience while being there for all of them who clearly need assistance if any kind. The owner can also track and log into all kinds of conversations via this in order to have a record of the interactions.  


4. Layered Navigation

This extension of Magento amplifies and extends the navigational features of this platform, designed exclusively to cater to the web stores which are filled with an immense number of products and categories.  This is a Magento 2 extension that caters to important buyer needs. When the customers browse through heavy stores, often navigation becomes slower. Henceforth it affects their experience. With the Layered Navigation tool, one gets to see the category and on clicking upon it, the products start appearing according to the filter. This way, a lot of clutter is avoided. More buyers are motivated to purchase from this particular store, thereby promoting the website/store indirectly.  


5. Adaplo 

This is another significant Magento 2 extension which helps in advertising and promotion of the brand or the store. Often for new and old brands, it is unlikely to expect the first time customers to make a purchase from the store. This happens especially on the first visit. For this, often the brand owners spend money only for the purpose of customer acquisition.   

Adaplo extension comes to the immediate rescue. It works by automating retargeting campaigns on Facebook and the Google Display Network by showing off a dynamic history of product lists in the ad. This will match with the interest of the individual customers, their shopping behaviours etc. henceforth, this is an attractive method of drawing the customers back into the tunnel.

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Jonathan Paul is a highly skilled Magento developer associated with a leading company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this useful article to convey to the readers the different useful and popular Magento extensions for the year 2020.