1. Peter Arnett:His full name is Peter Gregg Arnett and he was born on 13 November 1934 in New Zealand. He was the first New Zealand citizen to have a citizenship of the U.S. During his career as a journalist he worked for the National Geographic Magazine and famous television channels such as CNN. One of his most memorable news coverage was of the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. Owing to his exceptionalreporting abilities he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the year of 1966 for his death defying news coverage efforts during the Vietnam War. He wrote a book in 1994 named Battlefield: From Vietnam to Baghdad which depicted his journey during the times of War. One of his last outings as a journalist was when he interviewed Osama Bin Laden in March 1997.
2. Judy Bailey: She is lovingly referred to as the Mother of News in New Zealand. Judy’s full name is Judy Ann Bailey and she was born in the year 1953. She used to work as news presenter in one of the most rated news programmes of ONE News. Judy started her career with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation in 1971 and handled the news on current affairs and politics. After which from 1980 to 1987 she shared presented regional news with John Hawkesby for a program called Top Half. She has also hosted events such as ANZAC day and supports public awareness campaigns such as “Vote Yes”.
3. Suzy Cato: Her full name is Suzanne Cato and she was born on 20 June 1968. She is a famous children’s shows presenter and is mostly known for her hosting skills in Suzy’s World and You and Me programs. She is married and has two children. Prior to working as a television show host, she had a broadcasting career at a radio station called KCCFM. Her first break was in 1990 in which she hosted New Zealand’s version of an international TV show called The Early Bird Show where a puppet character named Russell Rooster would accompany her in the show. After the Early bird show hosted the daily children’s show 3 pm show. However, success came to her when she presented the “You and Me” television show till 1998. She entered the realm of production through her production house “Treehut” which has produced numerous television shows and documentaries. If you are a fan of Suzy Cato and wants to send her an fanmail, then you can drop email at Suzy Cato email address or can also contact her management company at Suzy Cato office contact number.
4. Jenny May Coffin: She is more commonly known by his screen name Jenny-May Clarkson and was born on 9 April 1974. Jenny is a famous netball player and sports commentator of New Zealand. Prior to presenting she used to play for the Sliver Ferns and became the team’s Vice Captain in 2001. She also played for several other teams such as Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic and the Auckland Diamonds. At present she works for TVNZ and Maori Television as a news presenter and sports commentator. Her love for the sport of netball and her exceptional play man ship has garnered her a lot of fans over the years.

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