Popular pet cages today are designed to keep your pet safe, secure and comfortable. Every pet lover knows the importance of purchasing the right type of cage for their favorite animal.

Different styles of cages

Pet cages come in many different styles and sizes. The kind of cage you select will depend mainly on the type of animal you are having. For medium and large animals, there are over-sized cages in which your pet will be able to sit, stand, stretch and turn around quite comfortably. There is also sufficient space for food and water containers.
For smaller animals, you may use a pet travel bag which can be carried around with you. These bags come in various styles including back packs, front slings and bags with handles and an opening at the top for the animal to push its head through. Cats normally lie down most of the time when traveling, so the pet cages need not be very high as long as the top of the cage doesn’t press down on its head.

Cages For Dogs

The most common types are made of solid plastic and consist of three pieces - a top, a bottom and a removable gate - which can be taken apart and cleaned. However, you will not be able to fold these variants. Wire cages are much cooler as they have excellent ventilation and there is nothing to hinder the vision of the animal. They are fairly heavy and some can be folded. They sometimes come with various pads and covers for the added comfort of the dog. Soft cages are very light and can be folded. However, they are not recommended for puppies that are likely to tear and chew at the fabric.

Cages For Birds

Birds need plenty of room for climbing and exercise and ideally their cages should have horizontal instead of vertical bars. There are many shapes and styles of bird cages but nowadays most of the bird cages are the angled type and not round as studies have shown that round cages can affect most birds psychologically. These cages are usually hung or placed on a stand.

Cages For Hamsters

The most common type is the traditional wire cage which comes with a plastic bottom that can be removed for cleaning. A water bottle and feeding dish are normally attached to the cage. An increasingly popular hamster cage is the expandable type which sometimes comes with a wheel and slide. This is basically a simple plastic box to which you can add tubes leading to other separate areas or create a maze of tunnels.

Cages For Cats

Nowadays people prefer to keep their cats outdoors, where they have access to lots of fresh air and sunshine. There are two types of outdoor cat enclosures in the market. The most common type is made of flexible netting and can be easily dismantled for storage when not in use. The other type is made of wire mesh and is more solid. It can usually be left outdoors permanently.

Popular cages for pets today can be found in any animal shelter or pet stores and finding an appropriate one will add to the physical and psychological well-being of your pet.

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