Fitness is necessary for people of all ages and there are many benefits of keeping in shape. Everyone requires regular physical activity to maintain good health and improve their quality of life. There is plenty of fitness equipment in Australia that one can use to remain fit.

Keeping fit can help prevent one from getting a disease and also keep an existing condition in check. Some of the popular medical conditions include asthma, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and every psychosocial disorder. Besides which, it helps prevents weight gain, improve self-esteem and increase self-confidence. There are many benefits of keeping fit; it helps one stay active, improve their quality of life, improve & maintain their health and even increase their life expectancy.

There are many different methods of keeping fit via cardiovascular training, strength training, Yoga, etc. The type of exercise and fitness equipment one needs depends a great deal on the purpose of keeping fit. Some people simply exercise to remain fit; while others do so for the purpose of bodybuilding, or special fitness activities to train for some sport.

This article goes on to describe several popular workouts and essential fitness equipment.

Popular Workouts

Short workouts and long workouts are equally beneficial when trying to keep fit. The type and length of workout may depend on the overall goal; however, it is essential to maximize the effort irrespective of the length of a workout. There is always an option of visiting a professional Gym or investing in Gym equipment at home. Some of the common fitness equipment in Australia at a Gym includes treadmill, stationary bike, leg press machine, squat stand, etc.

Some of the popular exercises include:

  • Squats: Squats help with weight distribution between both legs involves the gluts and ensures that the chest and back remain straight. This is a highly effective exercise no matter what the goal may be.
  • Jumping Jacks: Jumping Jacks are a popular exercise. It is effective since it involves multiple muscle groups and helps increase heart level.
  • Leg Press: This is one of the best fitness equipment in Australia for the purpose of working quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. It is an important lower body machine and is highly effective as well.
  • Lateral Pull Down: Amongst the other fitness equipment available in Australia, this one is the most effective for back muscle (shoulder girdle). It helps build the back muscles and improves one's poster as well.
  • Hip Bridges: This actively engages the brain and involves correct foot placement, weight distribution, and correct breathing.
  • Bicep / Triceps Bar: The biceps and triceps bar is meant for upper body and helps with muscle development. This includes moving weights with the help of cable support. Biceps workout involves slowly raising and lowering the bar attached to a cable; while for triceps, it is more of a lateral pull down.
  • Leg Raise: Leg raise is popular fitness equipment in Australia. It helps exercise the hip and involves propping up oneself on the forearms and lifting.
  • Cardio Rowing Machine: Cardiovascular workout is very important to stay fit. This machine is perfect for a cardio workout since it is a highly balanced workout involving both upper & lower body.
  • Lunges: Lunges are very effective and important for the leg muscle. It is important to perform this in the right manner for it to be effective. The spine should always be in the upright position and one should not bend forward.
  • Crunches: This is an excellent method of developing the abdominal muscles. The correct method of performing this exercise is to keep the neck in line with the spine and breath normally. It is also necessary to keep the chest and shoulder open.
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