Eyeing on the recent trends that are evolving in the food delivery services, this blog will motivate you to deploy your food delivery app. Ready? The food delivery services have seen a complete transformation once the pandemic came into the play. The need for contactless delivery, proper sanitization, store pick up, etc. saw a huge demand. While food delivery businesses like UberEats managed to offer uninterrupted services, some succumbed to the failure.

As a business entrepreneur, you are responsible for catering the needs of users according to the current circumstances. Besides, a food delivery app like UberEats will be of great help in elevating your business and let us see how it is possible.

How does UberEats like apps standardize your business?

The prime qualities of any food delivery service are customer support and quick delivery. Ensure you offer on time delivery and uninterrupted customer support. Apart from these two, your food delivery app plays an important role in capturing customers. Users rush to food ordering apps as they can quickly place orders from favorite or nearby restaurants. Therefore, your app must be prompt in capturing the users’ input so that they will not be frustrated.

Next, the features of the app will also have a huge impact on attracting customers. When you look at the UberEats clone app that we develop at Appdupe, we include real-time and trending features. Features like scheduling delivery, estimated arrival time, etc. will be more responsive among users. I know that you would be interested in knowing the list of features that comes with the app. Here are the features for your reference.

  • Social media log in
  • Multiple orders
  • Schedule orders
  • Track delivery
  • Order summary
  • Map view
  • Service history
  • Ratings and reviews

These features will bring in new users and keep the current users engaged. Next, let us see the benefits that are waiting for your if you choose our app development solution.

  • White label app solution
  • Personalized app solution
  • Rocket bottom price
  • Scalability options
  • Prompt delivery


After analyzing the immense need for food delivery apps, we have come up with the sturdy UberEats clone app. We are awaiting your interest in developing the app. See you there!

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