A gazebo is a very simple, yet very effective structure which is usually found in gardens. A gazebo is a simple roof with few pillars which supports the roof. A gazebo can be made of many materials; the primary being wood or concrete with iron rods supporting the concrete. A gazebo provides shade from sunlight and rain. It is often found in parks with chairs or benches beneath which can be used to sit and relax by any age of people, though it is mostly used by older people to relax. Sitting in the gazebo, one can have a panoramic view of the surroundings. Even some houses have their own gazebo in their park outside their house. It is a dream for many to have a gazebo which is also called a canopy outside their beautiful house.

Nowadays, one can buy a portable canopy or a portable gazebo from the market which can be taken to any place one likes. Unlike the traditional gazebo or a canopy which was fixed to the ground and was immobile, the modern-day gazebo or canopy is completely mobile and have different parts which are assembled at the desired place and once the purpose is served, it can be detached very easily and moved to any other location.

This portable gazebo or portable canopy is used extensively in today’s world, but with a different utility. The gazebo is used as promotional gazebo across markets by the salesman who wants to attract customers and sell their products or services. With the help of canopy printing, the normal canopy is converted into an advertising canopy which does the job of both a canopy tent as well as a canopy advertising. This not only serves the basic function of the canopy by providing shade to the salesman but also acts as a marketing tool for the products to be sold.

Canopy printing is getting increasingly advanced and creative with new designs and effects which make the canopy look even greater which in turn helps in attracting customers with its unique design and color. The canopy is used as a demo canopy to show a demo of the products to the customers. Every customer wants to see a product demo which illustrates the functionality of the product thus giving a better understanding and reliability of the product quality and performance. In this way, the modern day portable canopy brings all the benefits of mobility, affordability, advertising and marketing. This makes it a perfect marketing medium for the salesperson.

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