Few people love humanity, but few of them can do whatever possible to serve humanity.

Portuguese Pro wrestler Cory Machado is one of those outstanding personalities who has done a tremendous job of helping the needy and feed them to fight hunger. Since childhood, he has seen his grandfather smiling, which gave him a strong reason to maintain that smile. On this way, to fight hunger, he is helping families with meals.

He hasn't done it for fame; instead, he has done the same in the past as well. Recently, on the demise of a fallen police officer Breann Leath, he offered food to more than 1000 families and honored the police officer. Furthermore, he also dedicated his next match for the fallen officer. Before Breann Leath, Cory has honoured many other fallen police officers who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. He lives with a motto of helping others and lives forever in people's hearts.

At present, where the entire world is struggling through a pandemic period, more and more people are taking a step toward helping the needy and offering them regular food. Pro wrestler Cory is one of them who has also donated more than 1000 meals to the virus affected people. Calculating individually, he has served more than 25,000 meals to families to fight world hunger during this critical scenario.

He has a lifelong goal of offering food and helping more than 7 billion people across the globe.

In this pandemic situation, lower-class people are more affected that are entirely dependent on daily wages. Self-isolation and restricting yourself in the home won't provide adequate monetary supplies to support their living. That results in hunger across the globe. Cory Machado is doing a significant step to curb world hunger problem and help them who deserve support in this adverse situation.

Portuguese American Pro Wrestler Cory Machado is on a mission to curb hunger, and he is trying hard to achieve his life-long motto. Talking about his family and his professional background, he spends most of his childhood watching wrestling with his grandfather. Before watching American television, he doesn't know a single word of English. Apart from wrestling, he also loved to play football and baseball, but pro wrestling was always his first love.

He is pleased to know that people find him inspiring and learn a 'never give up' trait. He believes that life is short, so you need to do great things in the shortest time possible. So, it's essential to make the time count and do whatever possible you can. During his school days, he was considered as future Jim Carey; however, destiny has something different for him.

Coming to his professional history, he started pro wrestling ring with NFL Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond. Pro wrestling was another great way to bring happiness to others and teach the people about "Never Give Up."

His motivational words are, "You can do anything. Believe in Yourself"

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