Positions To Get Pregnant Fast: Positions In Bed To Get Pregnant

Got baby making on your mind? It is only natural, baby fever strikes just about all of us at some point in our lives. So what about sexual positions? Pregnancy odds can increase if you use the right positions when you want to get pregnant.

The single most important factor in choosing the right positions to get pregnant is depth of penetration. Basically you want to make sure your partner deposits his semen as close to your cervix as possible. What seems like a small distance to the ovaries is journey of a million miles for sperm. You want to shorten that distance.

Secondly do not let gravity pull those little guys in the wrong direction. Any position that allows gravity to work against the sperm's effort to reach your eagerly awaiting egg is one you want to avoid.

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So keeping these two factors into consideration here are some sexual position "Do's" and "Don'ts" for getting pregnant.

Do Positions

1. Man On Top (Missionary Style)-Yep, the old tried and true missionary style is one of the best for getting pregnant.

2. Man From Behind (Doggy-Style)-Once again, this position allows for deep penetration for your partner.

3. Man and Woman Side by Side (Spooning)-This position allows the man to achieve deep penetration and also is very intimate.

Don't Positions

1. Woman on Top (Straddling)-This position does not allow for deep penetration and the gravity is working against the sperm.

2. Woman Standing-Any position that involves the woman standing is one you want to avoid like the plague.

So there you have it; a simple list of positions that you want to use or avoid to increase your chances of conception. When you want to get pregnant; use the "Do" positions. Pregnancy odds will increase if you use sexual positions that are conducive to helping nature do its job. And most importantly, have fun!

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Many people who are trying to conceive know that timing is important. This is especially true if you have a gender preference. Because when you conceive in terms of your ovulation day can have far reaching implications as to whether you have a girl or a boy. So, it's usually pretty obvious that an ovulation predictor is a vital tool in your arsenal. Because knowing exactly when you ovulate is extremely vital in conception and this is especially true if you care about your baby's gender. If you attempt to conceive too early before ovulation, the sperm can die off before the egg can get there. But if you can conceive too late, the opposite is true. So people understandably don't want to do anything to jeopardize an accurate result.

I heard from someone who said: "I did an ovulation test the other day shortly after I had sex with an orgasm. Could the orgasm have affected my results? I expected to get a positive reading but I didn't. And I'm wondering if the orgasm is to blame." I will address these concerns in the following article.

Ovulation Predictors Measure Hormones Instead Of PH: I think that this woman's concern was related to her confusion over what ovulation predictors actually measure. Of course they tell you when ovulation has happened, but the way that they do this is by measuring your luteinizing hormone which raises as ovulation approaches. (This is called an LH surge.)

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This has nothing to do with your PH which can become more alkaline after a woman's orgasm. Now, PH is important if you are wanting a specific gender. You want an acidic PH for a girl baby and an alkaline one for a boy baby. And you can test this with a PH tester. But a PH tester is different than an ovulation tester and they measure two very different things. And typically people use PH testers only when they want a specific gender. They use an ovulation predictor to tell them when the timing is right in order to become pregnant.

So my answer to this question would be that an orgasm should not affect your ovulation test results. This woman could have gotten a negative result when she expected a positive because she was still a few days from ovulation or perhaps she had missed the window by a few days. Many women are surprised to learn that they don't ovulate mid way through their cycle. Some are a little earlier and some are a little later. That's why I think it's a good idea to start testing after your period ends.

Some women worry about the accuracy of the urine ovulation predictors because they are testing after sex. I don't think that this would make a difference, but if this is a concern of yours, know that saliva predictors don't have this problem. And I also think that they are a little more accurate and I like that they give you a longer window to work with.

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Yeast infections are the outcome of candida parasite that breeds on the human body. You may at times never know if this parasite has become a part of your body. Although this small cell is not harmful, when it multiples in numbers it causes this infection. It is a myth that this infection is often found only in women. Men too are vulnerable to yeast infection, however, it is largely found in women. Yeast infections can appear on any part of the body, but in women it is largely found in the vagina. Almost every woman faces the problem of this infection. Though it can leave you with some discomfort it can be taken care of.

Here are 4 best ways to cure the infection within hours when you have a function, party or date to attend.

To get a quick relief from such infections, you will have to stop indulging in sex for a while. Many a times unprotected sex and use of condoms leads to this infection. If you are looking out for an instant remedy to cure this infection stop sexual activities for a while.

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Garlic is known to work wonders on this infection. Eat lot of them to help get rid of yeast infections. You can also insert a tampon with yoghurt in your vagina for good results.

Undergarments play a major role in treating this infection. Wear only clean cotton panties. They should not be tight and give space for some air. Wearing wet garments works as a breeding ground for bacteria, thus avoid it.

Nothing works better as good personal hygiene. Maintain good person hygiene and you will be able to keep this infection at bay. Always keep your vagina clean during menstrual cycle. Wash it with warm water and plain soap.

Yeast infections are not really harmful, however if it stays for long, it needs medical attention as it can lead to something severe.

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Yeast infection is the outcome of number of micro organisms in the human body. Both men and women are vulnerable to this type of infection. A yeast infection can occur on any part of the human body. Yeast infections are commonly found in the vagina of woman. Improper hygiene is many a time responsible for the outburst of these infections and foul odors. Yeast infection can really make you uncomfortable and irritable. The stink that it causes can also put you in an embarrassing situation. This is not a very serious problem and simple home remedies are known to work well on such infections.

Here are 4 best home remedies to cure yeast infections. These remedies have worked well on several women. Using them rightly will give you positive results as well.

The basic home remedy to get rid of yeast infection is to follow clean hygienic manners. It is essential to keep your vagina clean and away from infectious bacteria. Cleaning your vagina frequently during menstrual cycle, wearing cotton panties to let in some air are few things you should follow.

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We all have yoghurt at home. Take a tampon and dip it into the yoghurt. Later insert the tampon in your vagina. The good bacteria in the yoghurt will kill the infection. Follow this step twice a day and feel the difference.

Tea tree oil works well on vaginal yeast infections. Simply dilute the oil and apply it on the vagina. This will not only relive you of irritation and pain but will eventually remove the yeast infection.

Avoid wearing wet undergarments as it only creates breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing tight jeans daily should be avoided as it does not give breathing space to your vagina.

Yeast infections have been a part women's life since time immemorial. Poor personal hygiene is largely responsible for such infections. Always use cotton panties to let in some fresh air.

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