Positions To Last Longer In Bed: Training To Last Longer In Bed - Tip On How To Last Longer In Bed

Have you ever wondered how you could make your sexual experience last longer? If you have premature ejaculation, you've probably looked high and low for a solution. Well you can stop looking. Just by changing your position in bed, you can add minutes to your sex without any additional effort! Do I have your attention now?

The Best Positions to Last Longer In Bed:

Position #1 - "The Surreptitious Female Rider"

If you want your sex to last longer than ever, probably the best way is to have your partner mount you while you are having sex. This gives you two advantages:

Control: When you are laying flat on your back, you are more relaxed than when sitting up. Being in this position allows you to enjoy the movements and thrusting and really feel the incredible sensations running through your body. Because you are so relaxed, you have more muscular control and can maintain your arousal better.

Let Her Take Charge: When your partner is the one controlling the movements, it might heighten your arousal to incredible points. But because you are in total control of your body, you can have power over just how tight or relaxed your pelvic muscles are. This will allow you to ultimately determine how long the whole experience lasts. Pretty great, right?

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Position #2 - "The Reversing Female Rider"

Have your partner mount you, but with her back facing you. This places a different type of pressure on your penis and provides a stimulating ride that you can still manage. Because your body is still relaxed, even the awesome sensations brought on by this position will still be under your control.

So if you suffer from premature ejaculation, try one of these two positions. You and your partner will still have great sex, and she will never know that you are working to control the ejaculation. By switching back and forth from these two positions, you can maintain and sustain your arousal for the ultimate in pleasure: longer, harder and more intense sex.

How Does A Position Change Help Me Last Longer?

1. Appearing More Dominant: Women love a man who is in control. By instructing her to switch positions, you appear sexier to her because you are filling the dominant role, and this is a turn on for every woman.

2. No Obvious Changes: Without appearing obvious, you can subtly change positions repeatedly during sex in order to prevent premature ejaculation. Your partner will also reap the benefits of longer sex before orgasm.

These position changes will heighten the sexual experience for both of you and will result in great sex that you can have over and over again.

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When you are new at the game then you are always anxious about how good or not you are in bed. It is your dream to be the best person in the life of your girl. You want to win the heart of your beloved by the way you perform in bed and so you need to be more concerned with what she likes and how she likes it.

Foreplay - A good foreplay is the most important thing for a woman. If you do this well you will be able to arouse her fast and keep the excitement going. Very often a girl will guide your hand to the part of the body that she wants stroked most. Be alert to this situation but also take care not to make the motion monotonous. Only if she is enjoying the foreplay will she allow you to continue it. That will tell you that you are good at what you are doing.

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Undress her gently - If she does not pull away or stop you from undressing her and caressing her on the breasts and thighs will you know that she is enjoying every thing with you. This should give you the confidence to continue and move on to the next step with her.

Build up the excitement - If you find her clutching and pulling at you to do all that you are doing like stimulating and stroking the clitoris and the vaginal lips you will know you are on the right track. She will perhaps tug at your other arm to rub and caress her breasts simultaneously. That will tell you that she is enjoying your touch all over her body.

Locate and stimulate the G-spot before penetrating - Lastly, when you stimulate her g spot and she orgasms and screams and shouts while doing so you will know that you've satisfied her. She will now want you to enter her with your penis and have her final orgasm along with you.

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If you're a man and you like women you are probably at least somewhat interested in FEMALE ORGASMS.

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If you answered "YES" -- you answered correctly.

If you answered "NO", you're probably just in a cynical mood, but don't worry -- I'll forgive you and let you into the SEX SECRET anyway.

Here's the thing...

You could be stimulating your woman's clitoris and giving her a clitoral orgasm.

You could be massaging her g-spot to give her a g-spot vaginal orgasm.

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In all of the above scenarios you are getting your woman off using your fingers or during intercourse and that's cool.

But there's a PROVEN way to instantly increase the effectiveness of all of those sex techniques and any others you care to add to that list.

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Talking dirty is the most powerful and underused sex technique that every man could be using to give his woman more sexual pleasure.

Most men don't use it because they are wimps.

They're afraid they'll mess it up and offend their women or make them laugh.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

However, when you understand that for women SEX IS VERY MENTAL -- you'll realize that if you want to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX... talking dirty is not an option.

It's a requirement.

Seriously, whatever fingering technique you are doing to your woman or if you are having intercourse -- the moment you start talking dirty... you'll instantly increase her SEXUAL PLEASURE and find it easier to 'get her off'.

Here are 5 tips for successful dirty talk:

- The more turned on your woman is, the dirtier you can talk

- The longer you've known her, the dirtier you can talk (provided you have a decent sex-life)

- In the bedroom, it's okay to use vulgar words (in fact, women really like this)

- You must be believable and talk with authority and confidence

- Speak clearly and a little deeper than usual

So that's the sex technique to use to instantly increase the effectiveness of everything you do in the bedroom - DIRTY TALK.

It doesn't matter whether you are giving your woman a clitoral orgasm or a g-spot orgasm -- dirty talk will get her there FASTER.

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Do not let other guys and girls out there fool you. It may be strange that girls might deny the fact that they enjoy receiving oral sex, but this is a fact. A lot of girls even enjoy receiving oral sex more than guys do, in case you didn't know. What girls do not enjoy is having bumbling fools try to go down on them without any idea about what they should be doing down there.

The majority of girls in today's day and age have even admitted that they try to refrain from guys going down on them completely, mainly because these guys do not know how to do it properly most of the time to begin with.

Therefore, if you really know your stuff, you will instantly become much better guy compared to the other bumbling idiots out there who have no idea what they're doing. Plus, the girls that you end up satisfying will want to see you again and again for more bedroom action.

Trick #1. Use your fingers and your tongue. There are a lot of different ways in which you can pleasure the opposite sex orally. However, a lot of guys only use their tongues in doing because the only thing they have in their oral cavities is their tongues. What they do not seem to come to the conclusion of is the fact that other things can be used along with a tongue when it comes to oral sex. It simply has to do with versatility with various attributes.

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If you slowly insert your fingers at all of the right moments while your tongue is doing its job, you can go a long way. You can even let your lips do some suctioning to make your girl quiver with the utmost delight. Try out different things all the time and if you happen to be performing oral sex on a steady girlfriend, simply ask her what she would want you to do to her. Any effort will definitely be appreciated either way.

Trick #2. Do not rush things. This is especially so if you want a girl to reach her climax through your oral performance down there. What is your big hurry, anyway?

Although concentrating solely on the clitoris, which is the most obvious route to go, can be extremely pleasurable to a girl, it would be even better if you properly showered her with all the attention in the world. This means you should also concentrate on all of the other areas that she has, like the labia, and then use your tongue to penetrate her once she is properly aroused. This will send her flying as she feels both aroused and special at the same time.

Trick #3. Surprise her with your magical touch. Keep in mind that you have ten perfectly capable fingers to use while you perform oral sex on a girl. You can use these to explore what else her body has to offer. Start off slow before becoming more urgent with your touches. This will let her know that you are enjoying what you are doing just as much as she probably is, if not more.

Let your fingers fondle her breasts and let them roam all over her body to make her long for you more and more by the minute.

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