Many believe affirmations to be a useful tool during out of body experiences. Although different things will be effective for each astral traveler, it's a good idea to know the options that can help you achieve success in your attempts to astral project. With practice, you can find your way to successful astral projection. One of the ways to successfully project is by using positive affirmations. Astral travelers have used affirmations regularly for many years. Through successful use of affirmations, you can focus your thoughts in order to counteract a negative thought or idea. Affirmations can be used through many areas of life and are common in self-help groups as a way of improving self-esteem.

During astral projection, affirmations can be used to replace doubt or fear with a positive thought. They can be repeated silently, aloud, in writing, or even sung. Finding the method that works for you can take practice, but affirmations can work to improve your chances of successful astral projection. Following several helpful tips and suggestions, you can use affirmations during your out of body experience.

In order for your affirmations to work during your out of body experience, you must remember to use them properly. Throughout the experience, you should increase the intensity (emotional and intellectual) of your affirmations as you fall asleep. You should also continuously repeat the affirmations while drifting off to sleep and ensure that your final thought before sleep is the most focused of all affirmations. If you think of your affirmations as commitments to yourself about what you want to experience, you will have more success with this method. It's also important to allow your mind to be fully open to receiving the results of your affirmations instantly.

The intensely personal experience of astral projection can come with any variety of affirmations. The key is to find the one that works for you to improve your chances of success in having an out of body experience. By repeating the affirmation in the appropriate manner, you can truly enhance your experience.

Here are some examples of affirmations:

•As my body sleeps, I will remain completely aware of my astral body's experience.

•I am more than my physical body.

•I separate from my body now.

•I consciously will separate from my physical body once I am asleep.

•I enjoy astral projection now.

•I consciously travel the astral plane.

The thing to remember about affirmations is that they are meant to encourage the mind to embrace the experience. Find the phrase that works for you so you can achieve success in the astral realm.

Affirmations will be helpful in many areas when attempting to astral project. You can affirm your clarity of your perception when your astral body leaves the physical body. This will train the mind to remain alert and aware of the astral body. Affirmations can also be a way to declare your intentions to experience astral travel. They are also very useful in fear reduction. By stating your desire to experience astral travel, you can remove fear from the equation. Affirmations will also eliminate self-doubt or even doubt of the existence of the astral plane. With so many things to overcome, affirmations can be used for many things when attempting to travel the astral plane.

Visualizations, which play a key role in astral projection, can also be used with affirmations. By visualizing your astral body leaving the physical one, you are affirming that it is possible and telling your astral body that you want it to separate. Visualizations can be used during meditation as you prepare for astral projection and are certainly an important part of affirmations.

With endless possibilities, success in astral travel can take time to achieve. The limitless world on the astral plane allows the astral body to see and do things our physical bodies cannot. When you're ready to travel the astral plane, affirmations can certainly be a useful tool in finding success. By eliminating doubt and helping to overcome fear, affirmations improve your chances of success in astral projection. With time and patience, you can find the affirmations that work best for you so you can encourage your astral body to travel the astral plane.

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