People tend to think that positive and negative thinking refers to thoughts that are positive or negative in and of themselves. However, this is not so. Positive or negative thinking is simply a certain way of thinking, and is not related to any specific thoughts.

Positive or affirmative thinking means thinking only those thoughts that are aligned with the reality we wish to create - thinking those thoughts that affirm the reality we wish to create.

Thought is energy. Energy in and of itself is neither positive nor negative. There is no thought that is solely positive or negative. A thought becomes positive or negative only when we determine what kind of reality we desire in our lives.

Therefore, if you desire a life of abundance, thinking about the idea that money flows abundantly into your life is positive, since it supports (i.e., affirms) your desire for financial abundance.

However, to a monk who has made a vow of poverty, thinking about money coming into his life in abundant quantities is a negative thought!


Because it negates the reality he wishes to create. In order for the monk to act affirmatively (positively) in accordance with his vow, he would have to entertain thoughts that support his poverty.


Therefore, don't accept pre-conceived notions of what is "positive" or "negative," but rather, take a look into your heart and become conscious of what it is that you truly desire to create, and then act "positively" towards that end.

Such an approach is the only guarantee that, having received what you wanted, you will have received what you expected to receive, and will have fulfilled the initial reason for having begun to create that specific reality. You have a mind in order to use it, and not so someone else can think for you.

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