Many if not most people are looking /hoping for a positive change in some aspect of their life be it personal or professional! Many expect that the good changes they seek will happen in due time and therefore do nothing at all to help make things better! This is a big mistake since it is up to each individual to take charge and be more proactive in their own lives especially if it will help make things better!

For anybody looking for good changes to occur in any aspect of their lives, here are 3 realities they must accept!

Things Don't Improve

The attitude that 'change will occur' tends to put people into a state of 'dependence' insofar as 'awaiting' an outside 'force' to make things better! In most cases this is pure fantasy since if you do nothing at all to help 'initiate' the changes you're looking for, everything will either stay the same or could even get worse! Either option does not seem very attractive therefore action must be taken on your part and don't expect somebody or something to do it on your behalf!

You Improve

The responsibility is YOURS to identify what you can do to initiate the good changes you seek! These may involve you as a person or your environment in terms of where these changes are being applied! In either case you as an individual must determine how exactly you can make things better than they are! Identifying the areas you need to focus on and the actions you need to take stands to help you grow and improve as a person!

You Step Aside

Sometimes you can 'meddle' too much or too long into matters where you may be trying to make improvements! By doing so you can easily 'undo' any good changes you may have already made and this is obviously something you don't want to happen! Quite simply once everything is working the way you want, simply 'step back' and enjoy the results of your efforts! There are times where certain situations may call for a lot of effort on your part to make things better and other times it may simply be a matter of a few minor adjustments! Once everything seems to be 'working' your work is done!

Who doesn't want or need positive change in some aspect of their lives? The problem for many however is they assume the good changes they seek will simply 'just happen' and thus do nothing at all to make things better! The general attitude that life is just a carousel over which we have no control is NOT the proactive mindset needed to make things better in our own lives! As the discussion above points out, in many cases the changes we seek are our personal responsibility to make happen! Remember for things to change, we must change and if we continue to choose to do nothing at all, what we currently have is all we can expect!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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