Positive Daily Affirmations and the Law of Attraction

By now, most people know the basics of positive daily affirmations. These are sayings you repeat to yourself in order to program your subconscious mind into changing your view of the world. The harder part to understand is how they work with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you attract to you what you spend your energy on. Quite simply, if you focus your energy on good and positive things, then good and positive things will be attracted to your life. The best way to focus your energy on the things you want to attract to you is by using daily positive affirmations.

The use of positive daily affirmations to help with the Law of Attraction works best when you keep in mind 3 simple tips. The first main tip to keep in mind can be summed up with the word repetition. When stating your affirmations, the best time to say them is in the morning shortly after waking up and at night before going to bed. Some people will even go so far as to post notes around their house so they are constantly reminded of them. This repetition will help you focus your energies on what you want to attract. The more you repeat your positive daily affirmations to your self, the more your energies will become focused on them.

Another one-word tip for positive daily affirmations is emotions. Pour your emotions into your affirmations so that they become more than just a statement. It is hard to really focus on something that is nothing more than just words. In order to get the most out of your affirmations, you should visualize what your statement represents. Pour as much emotion as you can into them, so that it is easier to know what you should be feeling when you achieve your goals. This will make your statements become something real and almost tangible as opposed to nothing more than empty words. Your positive daily affirmations should then become almost a part of you.

While repetition and emotions are important for your positive daily affirmations, the most important, yet hardest to achieve point to remember is belief. You must truly believe what your affirmations say in order for them to come true. Remember always that this is a tried and tested method that works for people every day, so the same is true for you. If you don’t believe that your affirmations are true, then they never will be. The Law of Attraction works both ways. If you don’t truly believe that good things are coming your way, then they won’t. This is the reason it is so important for you to really believe in your positive daily affirmations.

When used in the correct manner, positive daily affirmations are the best way to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. You are programming your subconscious mind to see and believe that all of your energies should be focused on the positive. This will in turn attract the positive back to you. Your positive daily affirmations are your key to achieving your goals in life.

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Richard is a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Neurological Re-patterning™. He is also the co-founder of New You Life Coaching.

Because his interests stem from philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and leadership, Rich’s coaching style incorporates a rare and ingenious approach to understanding and empowering you in an insanely effective manner.