You are able to be positive and trust your own qualities. All you are supposed to do is to physically eliminate the confidence killers as they do not belong to a community with positive thoughts. Plenty of us go through such harsh moments in life because of the trust we assume.

1.Everything or nothing.

The way you acknowledge a situation is the main cause you are not being pleased with the little achievements you obtain in life. That doesn't represent a barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge but I am more than sure you are the kid who left his team behind just because the opposite one marked a goal. Your thoughts are negative and the main reason is because you do not succeed all the time. If you want to have success in life, think positive before you act.

2.The concept of Dark Cloud of Destruction.

Watch your back all the time and do not allow anyone to approach your ideas. Think about the consequences before you take action. The Dark Cloud of Destruction forces you to believe insignificant things such as: “My team lost this match; I suppose there is no worth playing basketball anymore.”

3.Persuasive influence.

If you always trust a confidence killer, you will never be able to trust your own personal characteristics. He would always be satisfied to see your brilliant ideas ruined, and take any tiny negative aspects of your personality into consideration.

If you come up with an excellent idea, he will always try to make you feel it’s not acceptable, and trust me, there is nothing more influencing our behavior than a humankind.

4.The ‘If I feel it, it must be so’ fact.

An individual who acknowledges such a thought will never follow his own path in life. You must learn how to separate your feelings from the truth itself. Any humankind has a successful and unsuccessful day, you can not be perfect all the time.

Do not allow negative emotions ruin your life. A person who reacts to the outside world and even the very nature of their character is a person who is not aware how to manage his feelings away from the truth itself.

5.Should statements.

No matter how many shoulds you perform, it's never good enough for you. Obviously, you do not have any obligations. Should statements are often directed towards other people, basically leading to anger and frustration: "He shouldn't do that”, “He shouldn’t told her so.” etc. Always try to motivate yourself and avoid negative should statements.

6.Libelous labels.

You must be aware of this thought and you are supposed to stay away from it all the time. It’s the one when express your negative opinions, then knowingly false accusations upon yourself, for example: “ I am not good at doing anything. It must be my own fault.” Think positive and take action wisely.

7.Compliment evader.

This situation can’t allow you to accept a good wish from someone. For example, if anyone tells you that you look marvelous in a suit, don’t allow this subconscious matter to takeover the situation and say: “Are you joking me? I look like an idiot.”

Now that you are aware of such situations, it’s time to prepare yourself to avoid these confidence-killing aspects.

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