Money and finances are one aspect of our lives that affect us daily. The condition of our financial situation is often interrelated to other life areas such as health and career.

From a holistic self-care perspective, your relationship with money can be addressed mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Subconscious patterns and belief systems (thoughts and emotions) as well as energetic imprints can be cleared and reprogrammed to facilitate a prosperity consciousness.

New beliefs that you can integrate in order to align with the flow of abundance include the following:

•I love money and money loves me.
•Having wealth allows me to contribute generously to causes I'm passionate about.
Abundance is my natural state and there is always enough money available.
•I am educated, competent, and capable of handling my affairs.
•Money flows easily into my life through multiple avenues.
•I have valuable gifts to share with the world.
•Money represents an exchange of energy and I happily accept it.
•Financial blessings are infinitely available.
•I am skillful at balancing my work and play.
•Earning and attracting money is effortless.
•My reward systems are activated and I am ready to receive.
•I can thrive and be rich while being kind, supportive, and spiritual.
•The universe provides me with healthy, prosperous opportunities.
•Good fortune and beautiful gifts of cash are attainable.
•I am worthy and deserving of financial freedom.
•Excessive amounts of money come to me each month.
•Having more money allows me to help more people.
•I am secure and stable in all money matters.
•It is okay for me to experience wealth and luxury.
•My family and friends are happy for my success.

From a physical or action-oriented perspective, you can examine your money habits and routines.

How do you normally handle your finances? Is your financial paperwork filed away or scattered? Is your checkbook balance off by a significant amount? Have you created a monthly budget?

Engaging in practical money behaviors each day can foster an attitude of abundance. Learn to respect, love, and generate prosperity through simple actions like these:

•Clean out your purse or wallet and keep bills neatly organized.
•Cash in excessive coins.
•Redeem credit card rewards.
•Express gratitude for all blessings that come to you in all directions of time.
•When you find a penny on the ground or in the couch, say "Thank you!"
•Set an intention to activate your universal reward system.
•Develop a monthly budget and compare income versus expenses.
•Keep the space by your front door, or career center, clean and free of debris.
•Buy things or engage in activities that you feel are personally profitable and bring you joy.
•Release anger and forgive loved ones for any past hurts related to money.
•Educate yourself and get control of your financial situation.
•Use gift cards and take advantage of discounts and coupons.
•Allow yourself to receive abundance in all forms, such as compliments, donated bags of clothes, or free fitness classes.
•Smudge your wallet or purse with sage to clear unhealthy energy.
•Understand that paying bills represents an exchange of money for services or products.
•Balance your checkbook.
•Review debt and assets and learn your credit score.
•Consult a professional when you need extensive financial assistance.
•Be honest, ethical, and of integrity with your affairs.
•Open your mind to new possibilities for wealth and career options.

Tweaking your mental mind and day-to-day activities can allow you to develop and nurture a more positive relationship with money.

One bad habit I used to do all the time is immediately put sanitizer on my hands after I touched money. I really didn't think anything of it until my intuition gave me a nudge. The underlying energy I was putting out was that money was dirty and as soon as it comes to me I have to wash my hands of it.

I still use good judgment with hygiene but no longer let that restricting energy be an overwhelming force in the way I treat coins and dollars.

Another perspective I like to have is to create abundance from my now. Dwelling on past failures or challenges has no merit when it comes to manifesting in the present. You don't want unsuccessful past attempts preventing you from applying a different approach and trying again.

Look at financial self-care from many angles to deepen and improve your connection to money. Are your beliefs and thoughts conducive to attracting wealth? What are your feelings about money and rich people? How smart and organized are you with your finances? Do you have negative cords of fear attached to poverty or lack?

Becoming more aware and conscious of your relationship with money can help you discover habits that cause resistance. By acknowledging inner guidance and transforming behaviors, you can open the paths and initiate momentum with your financial situation.

Be the bliss, Alice

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Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.