If you ever had a doctor to tell you, “your sickness is all in your head,” most likely you thought he/she was kidding. Patients might have thought the reason the doctor said this is because they couldn’t figure out the source of their symptoms. But it has been proven many times positive thought can cure illness.

Science is making strides in brain studies, which are providing proof that positive thought really does affect our brain chemistry and thus our physical and mental health. So thinking positively is not only good for the body but also good for the mind as well

But here is the reverse of that. It’s really true that negative emotions such as fear and stress can not only make us susceptible to disease but also can even cause diseases. Of course the same biochemical mechanisms that work against us may also be utilized to work for us. That could be why being positive about life is usually always upbeat and basically healthy.

The new biology takes this even further. It is not just the power of suggestion but the actual thoughts and words chosen by the person, which changes brain chemistry. We have 50 trillion cells in our body, which communicate through neurochemical and vibration signals. Bruce H. Lipton, PHD, has done a large amount of work in this field, which is called epigenetics.

The word epigenetics means “above the genes.” In other words, the mind controls the genes. Dr. Lipton says our minds can re-write our genes. He compares the cell to a computer chip, as each is a bit of information. Both can receive information through different routes and cause a reaction.

Even though the programming of the cells begins in infancy or before birth, they can be reprogrammed to act differently. The process, which the information goes through to affect the cell, determines the programming of the cell. Cells can become cancerous because they are instructed in some way to do so.

If we realize this and start thinking positively our beliefs will change our messages to our cells. Lipton says by doing this we can actually heal ourselves with positive thought.

However, this is still not all the power of the new biology. The main chemicals, which play a role in our brain chemistry are Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Endorphins. Each of these affects a different area. Most runners know the endorphin effect, which is the runner’s high. Messages sent to the brain tell is to produce more or less of a certain chemical, depending on what the body needs at the time.

We should realize if we subject ourselves to many negative thoughts, we will probably suffer from stress-induced illness. When the mind is stressed, the level of immune protective cells goes down. Now just the opposite is true when your emotions are relaxed, then the number of protective cells go up and thinking positively becomes a plus for us.

Since the 1960’s Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a form of Psychotherapy, has developed based on the premise that especially positive thought can change behavior and overwrite the cell’s memory. You can learn these skills, under the teaching of a therapist. This type of counseling can achieve results quite quickly.

There have been a number of studies that indicate regular meditation can reduce our hypertension (high blood pressure), which is implicated in the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes. It can also lower abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the blood too.

There are other studies that indicate regular meditation may substantially increase blood levels of certain important immune-system hormones, while reducing levels of stress hormones that have been linked to many diseases.

In addition, meditation is said to be of benefit for migraine, various kinds of back pain, digestive disorders, arthritis, diabetes and thyroid problems.

The human body is a wonderful thing, and now we know the mind is even more incredible! What mystics knew two hundred years ago, we now know for sure, the mind has the power to bring mental, emotional and physical healing. So learn the process of thinking positively and enjoy life even more.

Robert Stuberg, one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and professional success, talks about many of these things presented here. He sums it all up in a few words. “Your thoughts control your life and you control your thoughts.” Learn more about this on my personal development page at: http://www.sonnyjulius.com.

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Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a career in sales. After 20 years in that career he retired and now spends most of his time researching the Internet for information on alternative and natural methods of healing of illnesses and diseases. In addition because of his past interest in sales he also does extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.