What you think is what you get. Whether you think you’re a victim of your circumstances or you think you’re creating your circumstances, you’re right!

Luckily at any moment you can choose to start creating your circumstances instead of letting them create you. No, you can’t change things like the kids you have or the color of your (natural) hair. What you can change is the way you think about those things. When you take your focus away from things you find displeasing, guess what, they go away. It’s true.

Think about something like traffic or anything that consistently bothers you. You’re in bumper to bumper traffic, you keep switching lanes right before the lane you were in starts moving. You’re late, getting cut off, and stuck by every red light. It’s frustrating because you want to get where you’re going fast and you don’t want anything or anybody in your way. Next time you’re in this situation, or experiencing something displeasing, put your focus into finding ways to enjoy it. You may find it easier to start off trying to think of ways to simply not hate it. Well what if you convinced yourself your journey is just as good as your destination? What if you decided that the red lights, the traffic, and the time were all in your favor? It gives you an opportunity to look around, to have time to take it slow and relax. Listen to music, talk radio, whatever feels good.

Once you start looking for ways to enjoy your circumstances, it becomes easier to find more and more things to enjoy. Positive perspectives are like a domino effect. When you look at one aspect of your life from a better angle, it’s easier to look at another aspect from a better angle, and so on. Positive thoughts create more positive thoughts. When you remove negative thoughts, one by one, they become smaller and rarer.

A positive mindset is essential to your success. Make a commitment to yourself to find new perspectives in your daily life that make you feel good. You’ve good nothing to lose but limiting thoughts and frustration.

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