As you embark upon the eve of a fabulous day, Thanksgiving Day, there is much to be taken care of, family to celebrate this special day with and an array of fabulous dishes to enjoy and bewilder at. Staying in the right frame of mind going into the holiday will make a world of difference post the event.

Here’s what we want to happen and how we can have a wonderful time with our friends and family over the holiday weekend and still keep ourselves on our pathway to greater health and well-being. There’s absolutely no need to approach this holiday season with fear for the unknown; you know there are tons of foods, desserts and beverages. Think about it, how many times have you enjoyed this venue before? Many of us are looking at decades upon decades of following through and relishing in this special time of year. You’ve been here before, you’ll be here again. How about this year you stay under control, enjoy the best of what’s around, maintain an optimistic outlook and control how you view this situation and keep that cheerful glow as you meander through your celebration.

Here are some helpful ways to encourage an upbeat approach over the holiday weekend:

~Give yourself permission to taste everything your heart desires.
~Construct a well thought out plan that includes daily movement.
~Be an activist for yourself and take the necessary steps to be in control of each situation.
~Enter a situation with confidence.
~Put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
~Pamper you! Shower, dress to impress yourself, take time for your hair and add a little make-up.
~Stand tall, shoulders back and relaxed and strut your stuff.
~Know deep down inside that you are a powerful, successful woman.

You are the woman for the job. You can construct your mind-set to one that approaches each and every situation with a viewpoint that consists of vigor, encouragement and one that is filled with confidence for your ability to stay under control. I have all the confidence in the world that you can and will follow through with your desires to stay on course this Thanksgiving holiday season. Do it for you!

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