Positive productivity is exactly as it sounds -- positive. Productivity increases as does quality, when body, mind, and spirit, are focused upon being in a positive state of mind, emotion, and will -- then the body also will react in a positive manner.

Negativity, or being in a negative state of mind, is the easiest state to achieve. So much so that most people in the world are either in this state out of habit, by choice, or by design.

The majority of the news we receive from media, from friends, and from our larger social circle is of the negative kind. People seem to naturally gravitate to bad, shocking, controversial, and contentious news and gossip items. This is the reality of the world.

Each and every one of us are actually in a "sea of humanity", washed here and there as the mood of the world changes. Negative influences are impacting us constantly. When they do, we are affected by them, often without us being fully aware. A subtle change in attitude or an indiscernible change in our emotional temperature can darken our world, and how we perceive it.

We have all had, "one of those days!", sometimes much too often to our liking. On rare occasions, unless we make a habit of it, we can stop ourselves from sliding into a negative mindset. Sometimes we just say "enough!", and reset our minds to positive mode, for the sake of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

When we do this we are taking responsibility for the security of our souls. We are acting as a "gatekeeper", to the city of ourselves. A city is a living organism, and can be influenced by that which enters into it. As the gatekeeper of our individual soul, we must act in that capacity and not neglect the keeping of our gate. Complacency is in effect allowing anything and anyone to assault the gates of the city and enter in.

A responsible gatekeeper will always Stop, Ask, and Act -- when confronted by the prospect of something (a thought) or someone (a person's attitude), that is seeking to enter into their life.

Stop -- the thought or attitude.
Ask -- questions as to the value and contribution it will make.
Act -- upon your decision; granting or denying entry of the thought or attitude.

Your city -- you -- should be your kingdom and your paradise. You should always remain childlike, unless we become like a child, we cannot enter that paradise, and neither should that which is negative.

Only that which brings you joy, excitement, and marvel, is that which will bring you positive productivity.

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Harry Connor Jr is a marketing guy in Print and TV Commercial Production in general business and real estate, who loves the internet. For more information on what Harry is up to go here http://www.biz-zoom.com/ and http://www.taxdeedtreasures.com/