It is quietly true that heavy spices things are harmful for the body. But they also carry some positive effects for the body. As the study has proved that the spicy meal, for instance, a bowl of chili temporarily increases the metabolism in the body and the same result has been reported with the black paper and the ginger. It has also been recorded that the consuming spices occasionally helps for the cancer patients. Turning to turmeric, similarly it has also been being used in India for a long period of time firs it was used for the dye and later the medical sciences proved that it contains anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful for many diseases as well as can help to enhance the beauty of a person.

Know some more interesting things about turmeric. It is considered to be from ginger family and currently being investigated for the health benefits like in the case of cancer, arteries and other clinical disorder. Its paste is traditionally used by Indian woman to keep them free from superfluous hair and as antimicrobial. Turmeric paste has surprisingly turned to be the part of home remedies and Ayurveda. It is helpful for the skin such as-
• For those whose who have fed up with the facial hair growth and want to reduce it, wash your face with the turmeric regularly it will help to prevent the facial hair growth.
• Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with some aloe gel and apply to the burnt area it is the good remedy for burn.
• Turmeric also helps in gum infections. Apply turmeric, rock salt and mustered oil around the affected are it helps to soothe it.
• Take cucumber or lemon juice and mix a little turmeric in it make a paste and apply it on your face. Leave for the sometime. The application for one time will help little but regular application will bring glow on your face.

• The turmeric also helps for the numerous ailments such as it strengthens the bones and low the case of osteoporosis for the woman. Drink a quarter glass milk dissolved with turmeric each night. Especially it is helpful for the woman.
• It you are suffering from loose motion/diarrhea take the turmeric herbal tea it will comfort you.
• Turmeric is also the body scrub for your skin. Apply turmeric with gram flour to your entire body it leaves your skin soft, glowing and smoothed.
• As we know that turmeric is an antioxidant which essentially establishes the unstable oxygen molecules these are radicals which damages the cells and thus prevents from looking aged and dull.
• If you are going to take bath take turmeric and mix It with coconut oil and massage it gently on the face. it provides radians to your skin also brings glow on your face too.
• If you have tooth ache or your teeth are decaying brush your teeth with turmeric, ash and salt it may help you.

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