Vital force electricity is not man’s creation. Within small creatures of this world it too is manifested. In 1966 the well known biologist Gerald Durell writes about an incident in an article. He says that in British Guyana’s zoo there was an eel whose body manifested electrical current with great force. When it was given food the eel vibrated its body so much that it appeared as though a dynamo was at work. The fish given to the eel as food started dying due to the electric current. Gerald Durell has also spoken of a ‘torpedo’ fish in that a boy who tried to kill this fish died himself due to the current emitted by the fish.

Certain species of fish are called mobile power houses. Their bodies emit so much electricity that other creatures that touch them experience a jolt or shock. The water area in which they swim turns magnetic in nature and other creatures living in that area experience it. Examples of such species of fish are hinpas, jinmotis, electrophorous, melaptosurous, marmirus, star gazer etc. Electrophorous species of fish found in waters of South America emit so much electricity that even a very thoroughbred horse coming in their vicinity fall down in a jolt. In Arabic area the melaptosurous fish too emit intense electricity hence people of that region call them ‘rad’. Rad means heavenly lightning.

Within fish research no doubt there are many fish with less voltage of electricity but those with high voltage can be classified into 4 species. Amongst them rayjay has 4 volt, tarido has 40 volts, electric eel has 350-550 volts and catt species has 350-450 voltage of electricity. They have special kinds of nerves whose friction emits electricity like a dynamo. When these fish so desire they use their bodily organs in such a way that desired measure of electricity manifests and they can use it wherever and whenever they so desire. Ordinarily this special skill lies latent.

The electricity of snake’s eyes is well known. The eyes of lion, tiger and other carnivores manifest such electricity that smaller creatures contacting it lose normal consciousness. They stand dumbfounded or themselves enter the jaws of death very supinely.

A large species of crocodiles found in African jungles get for their meal smaller creatures like toads, rats, chameleons etc without any effort. For hunting bigger preys they move out only when they are hungry. The eyes of these crocodiles emit a strange magnetic force. On whom so ever it sets its eyes that creature stands dumbfounded. These preys lose their ability to run or fly. Not only this but that the prey on its own heads towards the open mouth of the crocodile and on their own enter it. Prof Snider had a tame crocodile in a cage and he let loose a few rats in the cage. Initially the rats out of fear ran amuck and hid in a corner of the cage. But when the crocodile stared at them the rats out of their own volition started moving in its direction and entered the jaws of the crocodile.

In West Indies one can find ‘train insects’. On its face there is a red organ and on its 2 sides are present 11-11 organs of light. It emits green light. At night when this insect moves it appears like a moving train and hence the name. Even in South America these insects are seen in large numbers. In West Indies an insect called ‘Kukuji’ is also called ‘motor insect’. It is of the same species as the glow worm but on its face 2 lamps are seen which emit yellow light. During the civil war of Spain and America a doctor called William Gorgas locked these insects in a white colored bottle and successfully operated their light.

At the time when an enemy attacks kettle fish spread out a cloud of black light. Many fish manifest light from their bodies. Glow worms use this light as a signal for procreation. A female glow worm gives out this light once as a signal and then keeps quiet. At that time a male searches for her and reaches her side. In this manner this creature in some form or the other makes use of this light as a gift from nature whereas human beings have to make use of external means.

In this Scientific Age it is least amazing that from inert objects fire and electricity are made to manifest. And yet when the same are emitted by living beings it certainly becomes mind boggling. With reference to this a glow worm is a very ordinary creature whose light does not amaze anyone. In the ocean there a innumerous single celled creatures that are self illumining. In daytime its light is not perceived but at night they emit light in such a way that it can be compared to stars lighting the sky at dead night. Benjamin Franklin who was a famous electricity research scientist initially felt that this light was the result of electricity emitted by salt particles of the ocean. It was only later that he corrected this erroneous conclusion and said that not only in the ocean but that many small creatures on land that devour muck and dirt emit electricity. Electricity generated artificially by humans is extremely hot but why is it that electricity manifesting in the human body is not all that hot? Benjamin in fact calls it ‘cold light’. If 2000 glow worms manifest light it is equivalent to light of one candle. But if the light of glow worms is focused at one place it cannot even burn a small wad of cotton. Whereas a candle can burn even wood etc.

In 1886 biologists unearthed a chemical called ‘luciferin’ from certain snails that manifested light. Thus they proved that it is this chemical that manifests light in all living beings. This chemical comes out from certain special glands and on contacting oxygen it gets converted to light. In glow worms akin to a magnetic bell this chemical manifests in spurts. Hence it gets lit and doused continuously. How is this chemical generated? This question remains unanswered by scientists. It is possible that future research will answer this question and also solve the puzzle of vital force consciousness.

Who and in what measure can avail benefits of cosmic electromagnetic force? This is dependent on the creature’s bodily designing and magnetic potential. There are so many birds that due to seasonal changes move in large groups to far off lands. Sometimes they move from one corner of the globe to another. Generally they fly at night. At that time they get no benefit of light. Instead their movements are heavily dependent on their inner consciousness that moves in tandem with magnetic changes in the region surrounding them. With the help of this magnetic stream they move in such a way that it appears as though they are walking on the road.

Termites are known to keep their home door facing a particular direction. Ducks of the sea are known to fly away to safer havens much before a sea storm manifests. In dark nights bats attain perception of objects around them via their bodily electricity and not with the help of their eyes. Thus they save themselves from thin strings and fly to safety. The frog knows whether its prey is dead or alive only with the help of its bodily electricity. If you place a pile of flies that are an admixture of both dead and living ones the frog only engulfs living flies. The potential of an owl to press its prey is dependent on its electricity center and not its eyes. A snake gets knowledge of the bodily temperature of nearby creatures and catches hold of only that prey which it likes. Gnats have no eyes. They carry out their tasks via special photo cells. In our era over and above researching into the special wondrous skills of various creatures scientific instruments/ technology have been designed based on those very tenets. It is verily electrical energy found in creatures that forms the basis of their day to day living. Despite having less sense organ energy they live their lives fairly comfortably with the help of electrical energy.

One of the aims of Yoga practices is also to augment this conscious electrical energy. It is also called mental power, vital power and will power. In the form of power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and desire power or Iccha Shakti its miracles are noted.

A person oozing with soul force controls and demarcates his/her activities pertaining to society. On this basis they abstain from sexual activities. In order to utilize this extremely important energy for useful goals it should be protected and not wasted in lowly entertainments i.e. forgo the vain attitude of ‘eat, drink and be merry’.

In Spiritual Sciences there is a separate arena and methodology of vital force science. If we pursue spiritual practices on its basis we can amass this electricity in such great measure that with its aid we can uplift not only ourselves but others in the world too.

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