Acute anxiety and fear are difficult feelings one goes through. These kinds of irrational fears and panic attack man of all ages. The circumstances that are created with these severe levels of acute anxiety and fear could end up with a heart attack. Anyone suffering from these kinds of acute syndromes will not have the ability to think clearly or a free mind.

A person suffering from these syndromes has the options to choose different ways to respond to it. If he or she is able to change their minds and change the way of looking at fear, fear will not be anything dreadful to you. With these alterations in your thoughts about fear you will be able to have command over it rather than it swallowing you. Just have a different vision on fear and it will not give you any anxiety.

Symptoms of Acute Anxiety and Fear

Do you know to how to identify anxiety and fear in you? It is very important that you understand and identify the anxiety and fear in yourself, only then can you take initiatives to improve and diagnose it.

Let me show you few common symptoms of acute anxiety and fear that are found in people of all ages:

• Acute sweating
• Feeling tired and sickness
• Breathlessness
• Dry mouth
• Shivering or trembling
• Vibrations in the heart
• Unable to sense reality

Diagnosis for Accute Anxiety and Fear
You have to be careful choosing the right diagnosis to overcome fear or getting rid of it completely. Just the way you react to anxiety and fear, the treatment can also differ. Below is a list of diagnosis that will help you to reduce and overcome anxiety and fear.


This treatment is a way to change the irrational anxiety or the dear from your subconscious mind. Once your mind is reprogrammed or changed then the chances of you getting the same anxiety and fear reduces drastically. You should learn and have adequate knowledge about this therapy before the treatment, so it makes you feel free with the diagnosis.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This is a method where you will change your views and perceptions about the world. It is this perception that gives you the anxiety and fear, so with this program all the psychological experts will give you new ideas to have a different focus on the world. This program will help you to release and get rid of such dreadful fears.

Exercises to fight fear

The best way to get fight fears to have some personal time for you. These methods will help you to reduce anxiety and fear.
• Sit or lie down quietly in a calm place with your eyes closed.
• Scan your body from the feet to the head for sensations
• Stop and notice the different sensations you get from various parts of your body.
• Then try few breathing exercises, inhaling and exhaling deep breaths.

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