Covid-19 slowed down the growth of the job market in all over India. Many businesses went through huge losses; while some reached the edge of bankruptcy. As a consequence, a huge number of employees lost their jobs and the level of unemployment in the country rose high. However, as the data shows, after a long slowdown, the job market is recovering from its bad condition overcoming the setbacks of Covid-19. Many companies have started hiring candidates. Job vacancies are being released. Even in small cities like Durgapur, there are multiple job vacancies available. Jobs in Durgapur include various jobs like technical jobs, BPO jobs, IT jobs, banking jobs, and so on. Such jobs are providing employment opportunities to job seekers from various backgrounds. Smaller cities are really going ahead sometimes even leaving the big cities far behind concerning job opportunities. Metro cities are still finding ways to cope-up with the Covid-19 situation as the areas over there are more affected than small cities. Tier-2 cities, on the other hand, have somehow managed to deal with the pandemic situation. And consequently, the businesses and companies over there are back on the track again. They are hiring new dynamic and hard-working candidates also to fill up the vacancies. Job vacancies in Durgapur are such good scopes where job seekers can find promising career prospects.

The banking and insurance sector and the IT industry are two of the major industries nowadays in India. They are releasing a significant number of job vacancies. Especially job seekers look up to IT companies in non-metro cities like Durgapur for the good numbers of job vacancies in Durgapur. The Information Technology sector provides multiple types of job vacancies ranging from software development, website design to BPO jobs. If any IT company has a digital marketing sector in it, job vacancies for a content writer, SEO executive, graphic designer are there.

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Chiranjit Roy is an active blogger and an entrepreneur who pens down various business articles and blogs and suggest unique business ideas to the readers who are willing to launch their own business initiatives.