Recently the focus has all been about your beautiful baby. It starts with those ‘double lines’ and from there it’s all about celebrating, eating for two (or three), maternity wear and birthing. And once you get your perfect little miracle, your life revolves around feeding, sleeping and nappy changes.

It’s easy to see how mums can slip out of the limelight and let their family take centre-stage as they work around the clock to keep everything afloat. But there comes a time when you want to feel like you again. You’ve got the hang of ‘running’ your family and looking after bub, but when you look in the mirror, it’s a different body looking back at you; it may be the miracle of life, but pregnancy can have very un-miraculous effect on the body.

Shedding your baby-weight is famously difficult, and it’s made all the more challenging when you don’t have time in between mummy duties to eat well and exercise. Celebrities seem to bounce back in a matter of weeks adding to the despair – are they just extremely fortunate?


It always comes back to the classic weight loss duo – diet and exercise.

First step to reaching your post-baby body goals is to make time to eat well. Preparation is key here. Plan ahead, do the right shop and avoid eating on the fly. Mason jars are a life-saver, they seal in the freshness of a salad for up to 5 days in the fridge, just keep the dressing separate and load your ingredients in. Make sure to include protein and plenty of veggies to fuel your body.

Exercise can be particularly difficult post-pregnancy. Walking is the single most effective and easiest method to get your body moving after birth and shed some weight. Take bub out in the pram, chuck on some sports shoes and get out there and move. It can help clear your mind, and is good for your body inside and out. If you feel up to it, and when you get the all clear from your doctor, you can introduce some more intense sessions. Listen to your body, fuel your body and mind with healthy food and try to get the best quality sleep you can.

Interrupted sleep can cause blood sugar levels to rise, and more weight gain, so make sure you get (if you can) the right rest.


We all know that there are some parts of the body that appear resistant to your body goals. Even more so post pregnancy. Diet and exercise just simply isn’t enough to restore your bod back to pre-pregnancy glory. This is when mums can take advantage of some breakthrough tech.

“Freeze your ass-off, literally!”

Cryolipolysis is a cooling technique that targets pockets of fat.

“Diet and exercise are important in maintaining your weight and overall health. Unfortunately, irrespective of how well people eat or how much they exercise, some of us still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge. Our treatments specifically target these trouble areas to eliminate the fat and tighten the skin” says owner of Australia's leading fat freezing clinics, Samantha Barak Light.

It works by an applicator head sucking in an area of skin, and subcutaneous fat, and reducing the temperature in a precise way. The fat cells ‘die’ eliminating up to 30% of fat in the area.
For larger areas of the body, fat cavitation works a treat – it uses ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat cells. It’s an immediate 1cm loss and works well on larger areas of the body (more than 3 cm of fat) rather than focusing on pockets of fat like with cryo.

Whether you’re going to follow a strict plan of diet and exercise, or cut a few corners with technology, the important thing for mums is to find something that works with the family routine.
There is no substitute for following a healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and resting well but there are no rules to suggest that you can only get the body you want with diet & exercise. It’s 2018 after all, we don’t have robot nannies (yet) so take advantage of the latest tech to get the shape you want instead.

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