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Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders
We are used to sending electronic mail these days, so less people are using regular post. Still, postcrossing enthusiasts believe in the power of paper mail exchange and enjoy sending postcards across the globe. Almost 15 years ago, two students from Portugal invented postcrossing. By January 2012, ten million postcards have been sent thanks to

Great news is, you can sign up on the website and take part in the worldwide postcard exchange. Currently, MasterBundles has lots of printable postcards that can be delivered to any part of the world. Just take a look at the items presented below to choose the ones suitable for your occasion.
1. “Love Lives Here” PostCard
“Love Lives Here” is a lovely Valentine’s Day postcard. Feel free to give it to the person you love or care for. They’ll love it!
2. Non-Virtual New Year Card!
Get prepared for the New Year celebration by picking a stylish theme postcard. What’s cool, you can get it delivered anywhere you want thanks to MasterBundles delivery option.
3. Happy BDay, Sweety!
Just imagine, your friend’s birthday is coming soon, but you still haven’t found the perfect postcard. Not to worry! With “Happy BDay, Sweety” card everything’s under control!
< href=">Happy Birthday: 20+ Postcards, Posters & Gift Ideas in 2019
Speaking of birthday presents, a unique birthday card design is hard to find. This isn’t the case with the MasterBundles postcards as they look and feel just perfect for a memorable birthday greeting. Even more cool is that these postcards apply to different personalities. It doesn’t matter if you’re kinky or nerdy, MasterBundles has plenty of great postcards to choose from. So, sneak a peek at the items listed below:
1. Love Postcard “I promise to always be by your side”
St. Valentine’s Day is about confessions, so “I promise to always be by your side” is just perfect for this occasion. This postcard will make its recipient feel loved and appreciated.
2. I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard. Happy birthday sexy man!
This postcard will create the perfect sexy vibes on February 14. Pick this item if you want to show your man how much you love him. We’re sure, he will adore your kinky side!
3. Happy B-Day, Hot Chick Postcard
Are there any ‘hot chicks’ among your female friends? Or maybe, there’s a co-worker that loves everything unusual? This fun postcard will put a smile on the birthday girl’s face.

Best Greeting Cards for Perfect Holiday Gifts: 2019

Which winter holiday do you like best - Christmas or New Year’s Eve? If you’re anticipating the winter holidays with all the attributes, the MasterBundles team has prepared lots of juicy stuff for you. The linked post includes a few interesting facts about the origins and history of postcard exchange. Also, you’ll learn more about the brand new postcard delivery service from MasterBundles with a step-by-step instruction. Finally, you’ll access a selection of postcards for every need and taste.

Do you want to send your printable postcard to someone abroad? That’s easy as pie! Just pick a postcard, select the delivery option box, provide the recipient’s details, and pay. Voila! Once you’ve completed the purchase, the postcard will be sent.
1. 15 Amazing Dirty Postcards for Graphic and Font Designers
There’s nothing better than a bundle of 15 Amazing Dirty Postcards for people with a great sense of humor. Whether it’s for a friend or lover, a postcard like this will spice up their day for sure.
2. Love You Cats Postcard
St. Valentine’s Day is in winter, remember? So, there’s no better way to make this holiday a bit warmer than with furry cats. This lovely watercolor postcard with a simple “Love You” message will be just perfect for February 14.
3. Winter Typography PostCard
Winter Typography Postcard with eye-catching designer fonts in A6 format is an ideal gift for the winter holidays. Stylish design and great typography is what makes it so cool!

Top 60 Fun Fonts For Designers
In 2019, unusual fonts are in fashion, no wonder web designers want only the best typefaces for their projects. Fancy checking out 60 trendy fonts provided by the MasterBundles team? Retro vintage fonts, handwriting imitation, techno fonts, and lots of other styles, etc. Created by professional typographers and designers, each of these fonts is capable of making your project stand out.

Check out the below listed typefaces to see how magnificent they are:
1. Fonts Bundle: 14 Cute Web Fonts
If you’re looking for 14 cute web fonts, search no more! Purchasing this bundle will be a wise investment into your career as a web designer. Why? Just because these fonts are bold and sassy, and can make any website catch the audience’s attention.

2. 15 Creative Handmade Fonts
Now at 80% discount, any of these 15 Creative Handmade Fonts will look great on logos, wedding invitations, or in DIY and scrapbooking projects.
3. Guldahar Handwritten Script Font
Need an accurate handwriting imitation translated into a font? The, Guldahar is what you’re looking for. Whether it’s for a digital or printed design, this typeface will perfectly match the concept.

15 Best Photography Business Cards 2019

It’s no secret, a photographer’s profession is highly competitive. Getting clients isn’t easy when there’s so many great lensmen around. Having a solid business card can make it easier to find clients. So, what should you do to create a memorable, yet professional-looking business card?

MasterBundles has a few photographer business card template bundles to help you create an impeccable business presence.

1. 10 Business Card Template Bundle
In this 10 Business Card template bundle, you will find a selection of top-notch business card layouts to showcase your photography venture at its best.

2. 100 Business Card Bundle
Is it possible to buy 100 high-quality business card layouts for $15? Absolutely! MasterBundles offers you fully-layered business card templates for all types of design projects.

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