I'm sure the term "baby blues" is familiar to you. This is because it's common for new mommies to feel unhappy, concerned, or exhausted. For the first week or two after labour, up to 80% of moms experience these symptoms. It's quite natural and normally goes away after a few weeks. But were you thinking that it is similar to postpartum depression? Let me tell you that it’s not, despite the fact that most of their indicators are the same.

Postpartum depression is much stronger and lasts much longer. It occurs in roughly 15% of deliveries, including in first-time mothers and those who have previously given birth. It can lead to extreme mood fluctuations, weariness, and despair. The strength of those sentiments can make caring for your kid or yourself difficult. Postpartum depression is a serious condition that should not be handled lightly. It's a terrible condition, but with consultation of a good postpartum therapist NYC, it can be overcomed.

Signs & Symptoms of Postpartum depression

Everyone who goes through the phase of postpartum depression may experience different signs and symptoms. In fact, the signs may even vary from day to day. If you experience it, you're probably aware of several of these symptoms:

● You cry or feel sad without a reason.
● You're tired, yet you can't fall asleep.
● You're sleeping far too much.
● You either start eating too much or just completely stop.
● You're experiencing a variety of unexplainable aches, pains, or illnesses.
● You're not sure what's making you restless, worried, or angry.
● Your moods shift rapidly and unexpectedly.
● You're unable to focus or make easy decisions.
● You no more find your favourite activities enjoyable anymore.
● You don't feel connected to your baby and are puzzled as to why you aren't as happy as you expected to be.
● Everything seems dismal and overwhelming.
● You feel ineffective and embarrassed by your feelings.
● You want to be free of everything and everyone.
● You're having uncontrollable thoughts about hurting yourself or your child.

Apart from these, your friends and relatives may notice that you've become distant from them and from social events, or that you don't appear like yourself. Within several weeks of delivery, signs are most likely to show up but they can also appear months after the birth of a child. Symptoms may subside for a day or two before reappearing and can worsen if they are not treated. That’s why you should never delay consulting a postpartum therapist NYC if you are facing any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms.

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