The manner in which we carry ourselves speaks a lot about our personality and posture. Your body language determines the impression you make on people you meet and talk. Having a good posture and maintaining it are two different things altogether. One has to maintain his personality to achieve beneficial relationships and holistic health in personal and business areas of life.

Your posture reflects emotional wellbeing be it be bad or good, it provides indications of your general wellbeing. The modern and fast lifestyle that we are carrying today has a negative impact on our capability to keep a good posture. Driving car for long hours or sitting in front of the computer will have a detrimental effect on your body posture. Even doctors recommend office going people to stand up and stretch their bodies from time to time to prevent body stiffness and wrong postures.

If ignored for long it can lead to spine related problems and misalignments. This can affect your body structure in many ways. Correcting posture exercises helps in attaining a good posture and there are several posture exercises that one can follow to keep his body fine and fit.

Posture exercises are no different than other exercises. They focus on your body parts, stretch them and help in reducing stress in your muscles and bones. With proper stretching the body relaxes and gets prepared for next day work.

You can learn these exercises from your doctor, physiotherapist and gym trainers. It is always recommended to consult a doctor and know the status of pain and discomfort that you are suffering from.

Posture exercises can deteriorate your body futher if you will not take it seriously. Posture exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do them once in the morning and perform some of these in your office too to reduce tension and stress in your muscles. Start stretching by standing shoulder width apart and balance your weight. Relax your knees as you pull up through legs. Always focus to keep your hips leveled.

Bend down to stretch your spine and contract your abdominals. Tuck your belly inside and extend your length as much as possible by stretching your hands over the head. This will stretch your entire structure and will relax your body completely.

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