Yesterday we all had manicures and pedicures on a weekly and sometimes monthly basis. Today, times are different. We dine at restaurants less and less, rarely go to movies in a theatre and certainly don't spend money without thinking twice about our purchases. We all know people who have lost their homes, some who live in motels and many families that have taken in grown children and grandchildren, just to help their families out.

Today we are thinking of the end of The Mayan Calendar, another election and medical insurance. Pedicures and manicures are a thing of the past for most. Bank accounts are dwindling and our investments cause us more stress than pleasure these days, if we have any money to save or invest at all. Most people are facing a retirement without Social Security and probably without health insurance. What does the future hold for us?

The word "indigent" comes to mind. With so many unemployed and our numbers growing daily, entrepreneurs are facing difficult times as well. People are buying less, going to healers and doctors as a last resort, not to maintain their health any longer. A church in Georgia held a dental fair in their basement for their community to help out those who had not been able to afford dental care. The morning of the fair, people lined up around the block for hours to get a free cleaning and filling. What has happened to our society that we can no longer take care of ourselves and our families?

With gas and grocery prices rising along with the unemployment rate we are also seeing more begging on street corners. Even young mothers standing at busy intersections with a sign, "Please Help, Even Mother's have a Hard Time." Being an entrepreneur I have been without medical insurance for over 15 years. It was not an issue till lately. What do you do when you have no insurance and a medical issue shows up in your life? Do you see a doctor? Do you even know what to do if this occurs.

Medicaid is available to assist families that are having difficulties coping financially. Get the medical attention you need. Do not put it off because you don't have the money. Fear is a great road block. Remember you are not alone. We are all in this together. Help is a phone call away.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, speaker, mystic, Certified Relationship and Dating Coach, Hypnotherapist and Akashic Record Consultant. Her radio show can be heard on Voice America internet radio on Voice on the 7th Wave network. Her show is called INTO THE MYSTIC and airs on Thursdays at 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST and 4:00 EST.