Core features of a product are those that meet the basic requirements of a customer. When a product is developed for the first time, the manufacturer emphasizes on its core features, and then with the passage of time, additional features are added to increase its worth and delight the customer. A customer gets delighted when he or she is able to get maximum benefits in minimum price.

The augmented features of a product help in increasing its worth, but they aren’t its real strength. The real power of a product or a service always lies with its core features, because core features meet the basic needs of the customer. If a product or service isn’t able to fulfill the basic requirements of the customers, then augmented features won’t be able to attract the customers alone.

Website is the most important business tool. It has wide ranging benefits, but one can make use of it only if the website is professionally sound. Initially, Web Designs used to comprise of core features only, but with the passage of time, new technology and tools came into existence and their use gave rise to new and better features of a web design. Other than core features like color, graphics and content, some augmented features like flash text, animated images and videos also became the part of a web design.

Now, presence of these augmented features doesn’t mean that the importance of core features has decreased. If your web design has animations but content, colors or graphics of your website aren’t good, then it won’t be able to attract your target customers. Therefore, the power of a website lies with its core features.

Now, there is also a division among the core features of a website. Some of them are more important than the others. Among the core features, colors and graphics serve to attract a visitor. They are responsible for making a website appealing and captivating, but none of the visitor will choose to become your customer only because your website appealed him or her. They’ll buy your products only if your website is able to convince them for their high quality. Hence, content of the web design is more important than colors and graphics, although they hold their own strong position.

Some web designs have generalized content about the services they offer. Content of the website should always be benefit-oriented. You should explain the benefits of your products or services in detail to the customers. This will make it easier for them to make the decision. One should highlight all the unique features of the product through the content in a simplified manner.

Content must be simple, short and catchy. Web design is not like a manual where you need to explain the features of your products only. Here, you need to define these services in a captivating manner. This will help you catch the attention of your customers at rapid pace and will make your website a powerful tool for your business.

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