The power of concentration is one the amazing gifts that you and I have.

Power of ConcentrationIf you can harness concentration—utilize your brain power—there is almost no limits to what you can do and achieve.

Concentrated thought is one of the hallmarks of all great achievers and thinkers .

In our modern technological age, the greatest innovators and movers of our time, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the inventors of Microsoft and Apple have obviously possessed great power of concentration- the pure power of concentrated thought to produce the wonders of this age.

Concentration is an ability that you need for success, an ability that is essential for surviving the demands of the modern age.

You too can use the power of concentration to benefit you and improve your quality of life.


You have the power of concentration – We all have this power.

When you begin to do any task, particularly when it is a mental task you immediately harness your power of concentration.

Unfortunately all of us get distracted easily.

Where do these distractions come from?

Actually these distractions come from you. You are the source, the strength and the actual weakness in utilizing your power of concentration.

Now imagine that nothing will interfere with you. You can just tap into this innate power and never be distracted.

Imagine what you can and will be able to do and achieve!

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking can I have technique or a tool or maybe perhaps an exercise that will let me control my mind?

How can I avoid distractions?

Let me give you a beginner’s exercise:

Pay attention to what is happening in your mind. Perhaps something is bothering you, maybe you need to make an urgent email or you are just dying to check your status on facebook.

All of these are distractions. They will keep and limit you from dealing with an immediate problem.

If you cannot deal with an immediate problem then you obviously cannot deal with any long-term problems… Let alone realize any goals.

Focus into what is occurring in your mind. Deal with this problem today and your tomorrow will be better.

Now you are aware of these distractions, these stressors, you then have to take some sort of action at that moment to release them from your thoughts.

It could be that you have to add it to your to-do list or send a quick text.

Whatever it is, ensure it’s a task that can be done immediately so that these nagging irritating thoughts can be released from your mind quickly. As well this you could use some re-assuring self-talk saying such things as “The meeting is not until next week… there nothing I can do about it today”

Doing this will help in stop the self-nagging and stress on the mind.

Continuously doing this kind of exercise will help you to more easily identify nagging mind clouding thoughts that you need to set to one side, so that you concentrate and think more clearly.


# The Challenge of Boredom

Completing important work which nevertheless is boring or mundane can test your powers of concentration.To overcome this challenge you need pause for thought and think of all the reasons why it is important to complete this work.

Think and visualize all the benefits and potential trappings that completing the task will bring. This will then make it a lot easier to focus and concentrate your mind.

# Blocking The Distraction

There are many obvious distractions that prevent us all from concentrating

These can vary from one person to the next.

My girlfriend hates silence and can only work if she has some music or the TV on in the background.

One thing that I HAVE TO DO, when working on an important task at my desk is to turn off my Blackberry device and also log out from my email account on my PC.

For some time, I ‘d have this incessant urge to answer or checkout every incoming call or ping of a text or email message meaning that I would be constantly distracted and so my work would often take doubly as long to finish.

For you it could be that you need to turn the TV off, or maybe even you need to have your workstation neat and tidy before you can concentrate your thoughts.

Whatever it is, it’s very important you try and illuminate any distractions from the equation if it’s preventing you from effectively doing the task in hand.

When you develop your powers of concentration, you will actually reach a level where concentration becomes automatic for you- it becomes your innate skill.

Eradicating all internal and external distractions will enable you to harness the natural power of concentration which in turn will see you increasing your productivity to achieve so much more in your life.

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The power of concentration means the ability to focus your attention on a single thought or subject and exclude everything else. In order to achieve and excel at anything you must have the ability to concentrate and focus. Discover some simple ways to harness this power and soon you'll be realizing more and more success.