If you do not use a daily planner then you are losing time and not accomplishing your goals.

A daily planner can be as simple a lined sheet of paper with each hour broken down starting at 6am to 9pm. During these hours write down what you did or plan to do.

The power of writing down what you did during that hour will help you achieve more of your goals. I personally use a planner to start my day and write down what I did during the day.

How I Use Daily Planner

I use a spiral notebook with the time broken down hourly from 6am to 9pm. In another column I write down my activities or appointments for the day. This helps me focus on my important tasks for the day. I easily would forget about a phone or email I had to make until the end of the day.

On the top of the sheet I would write down my overall goals for the day and month. Keeping my goals in front of me helps me concentrate on my main activities for the day. Many people never plan their day they just let things happen as they happen. I had been in this camp for too many years.

I am just like you because previously I would let the day dictate what I did. Oh, I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, but at the end of the day I really did not accomplish all that much.

How to Start Using Daily Planner

Using a daily planner will take some discipline one your part if you are not used to using a daily planner. My recommendation is to use a spiral notebook at first because they are easy to use. Most notebooks have 60 to 100 pages, which can easily be broken down into 60 or 100 days. The power comes from using the daily planner on a daily basis. You cannot use your planner one day or two days a week and expect any different results.

You are creating a new habit and habits are hard to start and break. The first 30 days will be the most difficult when you begin using a planner. The next 30 days will seem easier than first because you created a new habit of writing down your daily activity.

Many books I have read stated the first 30 days at the most important when starting to use a daily planner. When you begin you need to continue to use the daily planner even if you are not seeing results the first month. I know personally I did not see a lot change my first month, but by the second month I noticed a significant change. I noticed I started my day a little earlier and accomplished more each and every day by the end of the second month.

Not for Boss, but for Yourself

Regardless of when you are reading this article start today with a basic sheet of paper and list the hours with what you did. Now you do not have to turn your daily planner into your boss. The daily planner is for you to see how you are spending your day.

Create your new life using a daily planner and accomplish all your goals.

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