The basic foundation of education starts from pre-school and gets extended to colleges and universities. There are thousands of preschools, primary schools, middle schools, elementary schools and high schools in the state of Ohio, but only some of these institutions form the cream of education.

As a matter of fact, some Ohio secondary schools had an online presence even when others were getting started. When it comes to understanding the education based aspects of a state, the easiest way to do so is via checking institutions in terms cities or counties. Dublin, Cincinnati, Wyoming, Cleveland, Columbus, Albany etc. are known to house the best of schools in each division.

Some of the best schools in Ohio which constantly figure in the top lists are mentioned as below:

Walnut Hills High School

Cincinnati city based Walnut Hills high school is not only one of the best schools in Ohio State but even when the lists are extended to accommodate the entire United States. It offers education from 7th grade to 12th grade and prepares students for college degrees. With the motto – rise to the highest, the school has taken giant steps towards being one of the best academic facilities in this part of the world.

Wells Academy

In terms of elementary schools, Wells Academy which is located in the Steubenville City is known not only for the facilities at offer, but other aspects like infrastructure, excellent teacher to student ratio, faculty, opportunities etc. are considered as one of the best in Ohio.

Mary Emma Bailey Elementary School

Based out of Dublin City, the Mary Emma Bailey Elementary School is a small school with student enrolment just over the 500 mark. This public elementary school is known for excellent faculty, facilities and basic educational aspects.

Other major players in the school system of Ohio are as follows
Madeira Elementary School located in Madeira City
Longfellow Elementary School in the beautiful Westerville City
Fort Jennings High School
Vermont Avenue Elementary School - Wyoming City
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy

Any US elementary directory will provide the top schools’ list, so accessing the information is just a click away.

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Ohio secondary schoolsand colleges have made their mark, more so during the last decade. Even a recently formed US elementary directory or a school based catalogue will provide information of all the aspects of schools and colleges in Ohio and other states.