What Do You Have Faith In?

Self confidence can be a transient experience that can depend on the balance between successes and failures or even our core beliefs about ourselves. For example; we may not believe that we deserve success, or that we are destined to be failures. But is there such a thing as total self confidence? A kind of confidence that is certain and unshakable and not
vulnerable to the results of our efforts or our core beliefs? Yes! There is such a thing as absolute self confidence and it arises from having complete faith in ourselves. But how do we achieve complete faith in ourselves?

The terms personal power or creative power are used quite a bit these days and their meaning can get a little hazy. But for our purposes here we define it as 'the ability of an individual to be aware of the dynamics of his or her own life each minute, to the extent that he or she can exert control over those dynamics and consciously determine the desired outcomes'. This is not something that we acquire over night. Like critical thinking skills, personal power is a lifelong agenda that requires a lifelong commitment of effort. Though the establishment of faith in ourselves is not entirely the result of personal power, it does depend heavily on it and is directly connected to it. They are often collateral journeys.

Faith And Personal Power

While personal power is almost exclusively used to affect conditions in the physical material reality, it does have a spiritual component called faith. The power of faith alone is unimaginable, but when added to the components of creative power it puts the infinite in infinite creative power. Absolute self confidence is the result of successfully exercising personal creative power over our own lives. The more we become aware of and therefore understand creative power and successfully use that power, the stronger our faith in ourselves becomes. And the stronger that faith becomes, the more power we have over our lives, and this of course means that we are also developing more and more self confidence as a natural outcome.

Success And Personal Power

The successful application of personal power isn't like being successful at some task in our daily life. Successfully building a room onto our house is a great achievement but it is nothing compared to finding the strength and courage to become aware of some negative limiting belief that is affecting our life in a destructive manner and taking the necessary steps to replace that belief with a more constructive one and thereby eliminating an obstruction to personal growth. While the successful completion and realization of an additional room to the house is a great confidence builder, successfully overcoming the fear of the unknown and redefining our own life is where we build faith in ourselves because this isn't something that comes with an instruction manual, no one can tell us how to do it, this is about exploring unknown territory and risking unknown consequences.


Once successfully done, this kind of achievement has the power to change our self image drastically and with each similar success we begin to see a different person looking back at
us in the mirror. Where before there was doubt and insecurity, now there is a strong faith in our power to direct our own life, a deep and abiding confidence in ourselves to be able to stand in the face of the unknown and deal with it appropriately even to the extent of identifying and changing our core beliefs.

The transition from viewing the world and life as something that happens to us and over which we have no power, to viewing the world and life as something that we make happen as a result of using our power is a critical one. One means that we surrender our power and self confidence to forces and influences outside of us and the other we take possession of our infinite power and realize that it is our natural birthright that lets us explore and realize our equally infinite potential.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Darby is a self change and personal development specialist who writes for many organizations including The Agenda Of Life Foundation He focuses on developing personal power since that is usually the cause of all Human problems. Robert takes a practical approach in that he looks at the various tools and techniques out there that are designed to help us achieve our mental, spiritual and emotional goals.
There is a great e-book that explores infinite creative power.