There is power in the money and the political class. In this article we travel to that part hidden
and unspeakable of power that is part of power and that largely determines its performance.

There are people who by birth are destined to be in the power, others will have their
opportunity to access to it in a society like the modern where the status is not
predetermined and can ascend and descend on the social scale ...
It is not difficult to see that the "role" of power is masculine. Yesterday a generation of
Illustrated dedicated to deliver dolls to the boy and tin soldiers to the girl, to show
that the male and female sex roles were not natural but conventional,
that are artificially invented by society, that was society itself that generated these roles.
Those experiments showed that, before falling into the hands of society, both the child
and the girl already have different interests. From the beginning there are interests typically
masculine or feminine.
Spontaneously when women go to workplace, chooses the professions
more in accordance with her feminine role and between these professions are not those that imply
the exercise of power. The power is a typically masculine role.
The testosterone, dominant in males, gives certain traits that the exercise of power requires
as aggression, action, hardness ... The women are endowed by nature
by oxytocin, the hormone of delivery, breastfeeding and sociability They may feel compassion for
the mothers who sent theirs sons to war. The men may think that "one million dead
is a reasonable price to buy for the honor of the nationwide "(1). Yes, the declare war
goes more with the masculine role. Moreover the feminine is delicate and is not with her role
"breakfast every day a toad." The power men say they do it and are seen very attached to the post ...

(1) Sentence attributed to Napoleon, perhaps because himself really left on the battlefields over 1,000,000 dead.

The woman, in line with his feminine role, usually designs for her plans of future
more oriented to her stability, plans that imply the enjoyment of a network of family
and social relationships. In her life plans is usually the family or in 1 st or 2 nd place.
They like to be near Nature, life, family and they like to enjoy the little things of the life.
The big projects require a lot of ambition, dedication and for this there are
some men who seem very predisposed and happy with the challenges of power,
happy to be tested.

Ambition is the burning desire to achieve power, wealth, dignity or reputation.
In the so-called democratic countries, can not come to power through violent means but
must be imposed on competitors using the personal qualities of personal charisma,
influences, advertising and some did not hesitate to also use resources outside
of law and morality: bribery, deception, cronyism, corruption ... etc.
The competition for power is enormous and only a great ambition provides
the sufficient motivation and energy to meet the enormous work and dedication
to the pursuit of power implies. The power without ambition is difficult to understand.

The narcissist is full of himself, is considered superior. The narcissist develops
a lot of confidence in himself. They tend to use the other and come to be
insensitive to the discomfort of others. They do not permit the criticism. Enjoy before the audience,
mainly because it is an opportunity to listen to themselves ... Many narcissists have
the intimate conviction that they are above the rules ... His dream role is the exercise of power ...
Narcissists have an advantage over the non-narcissists: they will not have problems
to come to power using "all " available means ...
This may determine that non-narcissistic, with fewer available resources
stay on the road. The power has narcissistic color.
According to a study by the University of Nebraska, conducted over 900 cadets
of a military academy (QUO, December 2010), better able to command
had traits of narcissism, arrogance and inflexibility. Director of the study Peter Harms
: "Narcissists would be excellent Chiefs of Staff”

Many psychopaths, criminals, prison meat have antisocial personality. They make
incomprehensible crimes and feel indifferent: do not consider the pain they have caused ...:
These are the high-grade antisocial. These people live among the marginalized and the prison.
But antisocial, just as narcissistic, it admits of degrees.
We say that the antisocial people on low or medium level, they have an antisocial personality style.
These antisocial people of medium-low grade, fit nicely in the exercise of power.
These are people hard, who break easily the rules, who do not show signs of weakness.
They do not lie because for them it does not exist really the truth and lies
but only what interest and what does not interest.
If they have done spectacular mistakes will not recognize these mistakes: will tend to believe that
laws are for others but not for him and he will be convinced that those laws are usually only
an obstacle to overcome. If he have to justify any crime
he will have many reasons and sophistry. They feel so comfortable in the lie, but sometimes
although the truth serves often they prefer to feel the thrill of the lie, because in reality
they are antisocial moderate or low, but antisocial finally.

Interestingly, as the narcissistic and antisocial roles are male, the histrionic
belongs to the female role and exercise the power we have set as masculine.
Things are not all white or black but once again we have to manage grays.
The histrionic refers to theatrical, to affected and it refers to people who are seeking
to be the center of attention, who do not support pass unnoticed, who adapt their opinion
to the majority opinion. They like to overreact and to express feelings that really
do not feel. Seek to seduce, to make friends and do not address the issues.
The exercise of power, surprisingly, also has its histrionic color.
They constantly seek to seduce and always have the right words that the listener
wants to hear. Do not leave this script. He will avoid to tell the people any truth if this is painful:
saying nasty things you do not like the people.
They always say that they feel what people expect they feel, ie,
they confess those feelings that the audience expects, but you never will know
what are really theirs feelings, because they always are acting and even overreacting.
If do not speak of them seem they become nervous. Then seek and cause some kind of notoriety.
Although they have their own opinion, will make believe the people that they feel and think
in the same way that the common people, they are common people.

It is logical that these selfish behavior end up causing the disaffection of the governed.

Martinez Mikel Ph G (1)
(1) psychologist, diagnosed schizoid, put on this page, available to all, his experiences and knowledge.

Author's Bio: 

Mikel Martinez, Ph. G., diagnosed schizoid. Was in a religious seminary, from 12 to 25; graduated in Psychology by the University Complutense of Madrid. His condition has been permanent source of discomfort. Married, no children.
In April 2002 he received the diagnosis: Neurasthenia (ICD-10: F-48) and Personality Disorder Schizoid type (ICD-10: F 60.1) " [degree medium). At 52, with chronic fatigue is removed. He lives in the city where
was born: Bilbao, Spain. His long experience vital as schizoid is in the bottom of his page www.schizoids.info