When you are applying for any job position, remember that you are not the only person making an application. There are hundreds of other candidates applying for the same job. From all these candidates, you need to get highlighted and seek the attention of the employers. Your resume will do this job for you. A perfectly written CV with all the expected information by the employer will definitely make a positive impact on the recruiter. Resume writing, as considered by many job seekers is not an easy task. But it can be made easy if you follow the advice provided by experts and professional writers.
Resume Significance and Important Parts of Resume
It is an important document helping you in your job search. It helps employers to know about your qualifications necessary for the job and your past experiences in the same or different field. Going through this document, employer can decide whether you are suitable for the applied position or not. The main objective of your CV is to get you to the job interview. It is used for filtering out the deserving candidates from the rest of the crowd.
The different sections in your CV are:
• Contact Information
• Career Objective
• Key Skills
• Educational Details
• Work Experiences
• Additional Certifications
• Personal Profile
• References

From all these sections, career objective and key skills are the most important sections. Career objective states your career goal to the employer while key skills will help you know how you will achieve these career goals.

Use of Power Words to Describe your Skills

Skill is the ability to perform any particular task with better efficiency. These can be personal skill or technical skill. Both these skills are equally important when you are out in the job market searching for a good job. These skills can be represented by specific words that describe your action. These words are also called as action words or power words. Employers, when scanning the resume, search for the presence of these job specific actions words. If your CV does not include these power words expected for applied position, your application is eventually rejected.
Most companies use automated short listing systems to filter out the appropriate candidates. These electronic systems will search for the power words relevant to the applied position. Thus, including such action words to describe your skills will increase your chances of getting selected for the personal interview.

Need of Action Words/ Power Words

Action words or power words are the words that describe any particular action taken to perform any task. It is usually used to denote your skill. Some examples of action words are:
Accomplished, achieved, accelerated, analyzed, advised, balanced, communicated, compiled, conducted, controlled, counseled, demonstrated, documented, dispatched, energized, earned, edited, influenced, implemented, interpreted, invented, etc.
All these action words will describe a particular action you have taken. When you are applying for any job, there are certain action words associated with that job. Employer will search them in your CV. Knowing these words and including them in your CV will surely help you get attention from them.

Knowing that your CV will not be read by the employer completely, using action verbs in your CV will highlight your major job skills and generate interest about your details in the minds of the recruiters. They are used to represent your past job duties and get you highlighted.

How to Add Power Words in your CV?

• Action verbs make your CV readable and understandable. For including these words in your CV, create the list of your most relevant job duties
• Research for the power words that represent the action taken by you to solve the particular problems occurred during your previous employment
• Include more than two actions verbs and prepare the list of all these keywords matching your job roles
• These action verbs may differ according to the changing work fields. Know which of these words match your prospective job profile and include them accordingly for better impact

These words are quite important when it comes to listing your skills. Use appropriate power words to represent your skills and make a positive impact on the potential employer.
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