The Nature Of Power

The idea that the source and foundation of all things is energy, is not new. Even the idea that objects of reality are basically varying vibrations of energy is not new. But without the idea, does anything exist? And if ideas are created from thought and thought is an expression of mind, then mind is the doorway to the knowledge of power. Mind is not the source of our power, our power comes from the awareness and understanding of spiritual energy. The mind can and should be managed and monitored by our spiritual selves. We too easily forget that we are not bodies with spirits, but rather, spirits with bodies.

Our spiritual domain is not well known because we chose to focus on exploring the objective reality instead, the world of things that we can easily verify through our senses. Not only that, but mind itself is not well known either, the scientists don't have any "idea" yet what it is. They study the brain, associate various types of thoughts, such as those that result in emotions, with different parts of the brain. But the brain isn't mind because mind can control the brain.

So, if the basic reality is energy, how does that energy get translated into the entire objective reality we call the Universe and everything in it? And of course, that everything must include the Human life form because we are the perceiver of this awareness. Which also means one very important thing, it means that the Human adaptation of life is a form of conscious energy and is in fact, the creator of everything. And could easily be the only form of conscious energy in this particular instance of Universe.

The Human Expression Of Energy

Current theory has it that there is dark energy and dark matter as well as what we perceive at normal energy and matter. Throughout time there have been those who believe that energy is intelligent, which some call God and some call spiritual energy. The source of such thinking is of course the realization of the seemingly intelligent order and harmony of objective reality, which is the physical expression of energy we call matter. Even chaos somehow has a proper time and place.

It is believed that there is perhaps an infinite pool of energy that is static or at rest, which is essentially potential energy, and there is energy in motion or dynamic energy, which is the expression of energy we call matter. Life is a dynamic expression of energy that has always seemed to have had an agenda over and above the simple self perpetuation model. Otherwise why the relentless trial and error and evolution toward ever more complex adaptations of life, which by the way, led to the Human adaptation of life.

Accessing Power

To come into direct knowledge of power is to come into possession of power. A seemingly simple statement that cloaks a sometimes very difficult journey. The key words here are "direct knowledge". In a world where words are routinely mistaken for the actual reality they are meant to represent, it is easy to miss the deeper implications of what may be involved. Direct knowledge goes far beyond the sterile intellectual perception and awareness of a concept. Direct knowledge involves the whole being right down to the cellular level and beyond to the spiritual consciousness, what some call the higher consciousness. This means that we must actually feel and directly experience our true nature as spiritual beings of spiritual energy who have the ability to be mindful and translate energy into physical manifestation through the process of thought.

This revelation is both awesome and frightening to most Humans because of our single minded obsession with the physical world of instant gratification of pleasure which reflects the self serving adolescent stage of Human development. It is long past the time for us to grow up and take responsibility for the enormous power and potential that we represent. Remember, life has an agenda, and if our adaptation doesn't develop, then life will take another direction.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Darby is an author and personal development specialist at the Agenda Of Life Foundation which is dedicated to developing consciousness beyond the boundaries and limitations of the body and mind.