Images are all around us. We see them in the media, in nature, and in our own minds. The images in our “head” correlate to an emotion and can rule what we say, how we behave, and our thoughts.

Some images connote the negative; others the positive. Each image plays a significant role in our well-being that feeds our sense of harmony and balance with the world.

So how do we change negative images to positive ones? And are we safe in only having positive images as our guide?

First, let’s examine what images we have stored in our “computer brains.” This seems simple enough, but make sure your list includes those images that may be associated with discomfort or pain.

Next, try the following exercise using your first impulse for an image to pop into your thoughts. Write down the image and its associated emotion or word, like happy, sad, scared, pleasant, unpleasant, soft, hard, kind, harsh, beautiful, ugly…you get the picture!

Here are mine:

  • When I say beautiful, my image is of a sunset on the beach. My feeling is one of hope.
  • For sad, I see a lost child crying for his or her mother. I feel loss and abandonment.
  • For kind, I see someone helping another across the street. I feel safe
  • For soft, I see billowy clouds in the sky. I feel light and uplifted.

Images are powerful and can change your state of mind. Use them when you are tired, scared, or unmotivated. They can shift your level of energy.

Consider this “imaging” exercise instead of doing a cross-word puzzle, computer game, or other mental exercise. You may discover a deeper understanding of who you are and why your emotions are so critical to your actions. To add some fun, get out your crayons or colored pencils and draw the images. When I do this, I feel like I am in kindergarten again!

Now let’s look at examining unpleasant images like those associated with fear, sadness, and emptiness. When I say the word fear, I see an image of me standing at the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing. After I have had enough of that image (WHEW), I change it to an image of walking away from the edge with a circle of people all around me. The alternative image certainly makes me feel loved, accepted and safe.

You can change negative images in this way to help you release the “stuck” pictures of the past. Sometimes these images are so strong, that you can not change them on our own. That’s when you call in the professional troops to help you.

But in so many cases, you can use positive images to help you stay positive and to transform the old negative images of the past. There is so much you can do to help yourself. Images can heal. You have more tools in your toolbox than you realize. It’s time to get them out of the box and use them!

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